Saturday 7 July 2012

News from the Bosnian Front Pt. II

Flushed with success from knocking out a Nod BRDM platoon, Republican forces await the advancing Nod forces.

A company of Republican T-55s advance, intent on making a spoiling attack in the Nod staging area.

A company of Republican volunteers advance in support of the T-55s.

Nod infantry and armour  prepare to assault Republican forces.

Nod attacks the Islamic volunteers.....

While the Citizen Militia companies await the coming Nod onslaught.

Republican armour moves up to support the hard pressed Islamic volunteers.

Republican troops await the reinforcements.

The Islamic Volunteers engage Nod at the edge of the BUA.

And suffer for their bravery.

The T-55 company swings left to engage Nod forces.

...such as a battery of Nod 122mm SPGs
...which is eliminated, causing alarm in the Noddist rear.

A company of Nod T-72s is pulled back from the front to solve this problem.
The Republican T-55 company is destroyed by the Noddist T-72s, however the spoiling attack is a success, despite the high cost in Republican lives.

The battle is far from over - fortunately my next blog post has more information!


  1. Excellent so far! Tell your Noddist comrade
    that he has inspired me to do up my own Sov-block unit of T72s only I'm going to paint them up this way:

    Should be a hoot....)

  2. Sounds awesome Don - may I suggest the use of 'Hello Kitty' as a form of unit insignia?

  3. cool game. I really like that cammo patter the noddists have. its cool. let us hope their advance can be stopped.

  4. Some more detailed action from the front. Keeping that SPG Unit to close to the front was a mistake the Nods suffered for.

    Those BTR's look a lttle close as well to the republican lines.

    Game on Brian