Friday 6 July 2012

News from the Bosnian Front. Pt. I

One of the wargaming campaign backgrounds that I use for modern games, is that of  an "alternate history" version of the breakup of Yugoslavia. Without going into too much detail, the main points of difference between my alternate version and the actual event are as follows:
·         Both the UN and NATO have a greatly reduced involvement.
·         The role of Islamic volunteers in defending the Bosnian state is greatly increased.
·         The involvement of the Brotherhood of Nod.
This means that AARs from my Bosnia campaign are going to be somewhat different from the actual history…. 

The game was played at Frank's about a month ago. I have been quite slack about posting it, and been quite busy with work and other concerns, so the blog has been a very low priority. I have opted to posting this without TOEs, but as a series of captioned pictures. Some bias may be revealed in the captions...

The initial setup. Forces of the Bosnian Republic prepare to defend against the might of the Brotherhood.

Elements of of a Nod Motor Rifle Regiment prepare to advance.

A Nod BRDM-2 recon platoon. Equipped with AT-5 Spandrel ATGMs, this is a major danger to the armoured forces of the Republic.

Three companies of Citizen Militia prepare to defend their hamlet.

A company of Islamic volunteers takes up defensive positions on the edge of the village.

A Company of T-34/85s waits in reserve. Headquarter elements of the Army of the Republic occupy many of the old Turkish colonial buildings in the town.

Noddist Headquarter elements occupy this hamlet, while Nod SPG and AA elements deploy nearby.

A Republican motorised light attack column. Many of the volunteers who have flocked to the defence of Bosnia have experience in the use and creation of  'technicals'.

Not all the assistance received by the Republic is military. This column of ambulances is manned by volunteers from across Europe.

The Noddist hordes advance on a wide front towards the Republican positions.

The Republican line must hold, or Nod will achieve yet another break through.

Platoons of Noddist T-55s and T-72s on the advance.

Nod infantry dismount and ready themselves for an assault on Republican positions.

Republican Sagger teams prepare to open fire.

First blood to the Republic! The BRDM-2 platoon is destroyed by Republican Saggers.

 More pictures in the next post...


  1. That Noddist regiment does look nice and shiny, doesn't it? There's something about a uniform and simple vehicle livery that draws the eye, especially if a set of crosshairs sre there to enhance the view... Mind you, one forms the impression that the defenders won't have the opportunity to appreciate the broad picture from a distance, close ups tending to crowd out the background...

    1. Lets just say that pretty tanks look best with an accessory of black smoke...

  2. So nice. Both of you all's collections makes me envious every time I see it! I look forward to seeing the conclusion

    1. Thanks - I know the feeling! Frank's stuff is amazing - I really need to post more of his stuff. Your stuff is pretty cool too - I am very taken with your painted LAV, and look forward to seeing the the other two painted.

  3. Yet another splendid outing for your troops! I look forward to the rest!

  4. Interesting settings for a game. I spent nearly four years working over there but most of it in Croatia; we often felt involvement could have been better too - nothing like a bit of fire power to enforce a mandate eh? :)

    1. Couldn't agree more. I can only imagine the frustration felt by UN forces at having to be bystanders to the events of the real world conflict.

  5. The trusty Sagger, bringing some equality to the PIB.

    Looking good so far Brian.

    1. Thanks again for the inspiration! My Sagger teams are proving to be very useful items of kit.