Monday 9 July 2012

More Motorcycles WIP.

Around early June, the hard drive on my laptop started to fail. With the help of some very tech savvy friends, I have managed to keep the laptop lurching along in a rather zombie like fashion. Fortunately, my very generous in-laws gave me a replacement machine - for which I am very grateful. What all this has meant for this blog has been a) a rather delayed amount of posting, and b) as I transfer data from old to new, discovering pictures I meant to post - or though I had already posted.... Such as these ones....

Part of my personal rebuilding after the late unpleasantness, has been a redividing of my stockpiles of German gear into four main bands of use - Early War, Late War, Africa, and Eastern Front - with a few subdivisions here and there.

This process was also applied to my stock of German Motorcycles. firstly the early war WIPs. These are going to be the basis of a Motorcycle battalion, for use with CD 3.
Currently undercoated, but needing a little bit of TLC.

Motorcycles are largely Fujimi, with added Matchbox and Airfix figures.

Currently awaiting the next burst of activity....
The other group of motorcycles are the ones I am planning to use in North Africa. I have gotten further along with these fellows, as I am enjoying painting with sands and browns - makes me think of Harad in the spring....
Of course not much further along than the early war chaps...M/Cs are largely Italeri with some Hasegawa added in.

Of course I painted the command stand first.
Right, since I have posted these I can feel a bit less slack about not posting them earlier....


  1. Wow!! A few m/cycles to paint then! These will keep you going for a while.

  2. I am so jealous Brian, thats a great collection there unpainted or not.

  3. cool selection of bikes. time for some 2 wheel warfare