Friday 18 November 2011

Beach Scenery

Years ago I ran a large CD game in the Lower Common Room of the UCSA building. The game was essentially a thinly veiled refight of the invasion of Tarawa in 1943. Like many moments in life that you wish you had a camera at - I sadly did not. While many things did not go well, weren't ready in time, or simply were overlooked, the game did result in the construction of many items of kit that still see use today. (And by today, I mean within the last three years)

In particular, a reasonable amount of beach obstacles that were designed to be generic as possible. The idea being that they could then be used in a variety of other settings. I rediscovered these lately while digging through the hoard looking for something else entirely.

The good ol' Esci classic. I really need to rust these guys up a little.

Another view of the hedgehogs. More D-day than Tarawa, but more useful for other gaming.

Another view of the same.

Still waiting for the fuse wire to run between them. A collection of Esci wooden obstacles.

Another view of same.

And some more.

Front two rows are Fujimi hedgehogs from memory.

Rows (from front) three to six are hedgehogs from the same set that the mystery figures came from.

Connector pieces from a kids toy set. These came as part of a second hand acquisition of wargaming stuff.

Broken hedgehogs to represent broken hedgehogs.
Looking at these photos it appears that I must have added to the amount I had for the Tarawa game. I still have some more waiting to be built up. Looks like another expedition into the hoard is called for!

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