Wednesday 23 November 2011

Painted BUA, NOD Attack Bikes, and Technicals

This pic is in the wrong place... read on to guess where it should be...

The  first shantytown BUA template has been painted. I still plan to add posters, graffiti, and junk on the base. The plan is to make at least six shantytown BUAs, and some tent city BUAs.
A view from above.

It really needs some graffiti to add some class.

Hmmm, looks like I need to paint more of the interior floors.

Needs more clutter.

In the distance, a fleet of technicals.
Next up are some Nod Attack Bikes. The basis for these are some toy motorcycles, with the addition of Airfix 88mm Flak ammo crates to act as missile pods. In our CD games these are treated as light armour, rather than personnel stands. These doesn't add much to their survivability.
Nod Attack Bikes: Fast moving targets for GDI...

And another view. Fast light attack for those not wanting Nod buggies.
And now for some technicals. The essential motorised element for the third world militia on the go.
The fleet of technicals, with two additions...

An Atlantic Ambulance from the aptly named Atlantic Ambulance set.

A view from the front.

Side view, and yes, the steering wheel does go through the front window. It's a design feature!

Ambulance rear.

And inside: patient on stretcher and medic - crowded!

I believe this to be a Tootsie Toy, a brand of small die cast vehicles sold in US dime stores.

I found it in a junk store, with it's original blue paint job very badly chipped.

But it looked like a neat wee car, so I bought it, repainted it, and then blogged it!

Jeep - Maker unknown, driver and front passenger - Airfix, HMG - Matchbox, with Leva ammo box, back passenger - Hong Kong knock off of Airfix 1/32 US Marine officer.

Jeep from Hong Kong army men pack. It makes an ok light truck.

Crew is a mixture of Esci and Airfix with one conversion. Gun is a 40K bolter.

Another Hong Kong jeep. Gun is from a toy plastic submarine. Driver and front passenger Airfix figures. Passenger is woman with baby from the Airfix Civilians set, driver from Airfix GMC kit.

Airfix Bofor gun crewman given an Esci bush hat.

Red ones go faster! vehicle is from a New Ray playset.

Gunner is a Dapol Railway workman, Driver is a Airfix figure.

Another New Ray vehicle. Both this and the red one had surgery to cut away the roof. Driver is Airfix, rear passenger Hong Kong knock off.

New Ray vehicle. Roof was cut away and scratch built recoilless rifle added. Driver is Airfix.

Another view of the above technical.
These technicals were first made for games of AK-47, that my gaming group played in 20mm. Then they got drafted into various Noddist forces, and other militia and mercenary groups. In CD these vehicles get quite reasonable movement rates which encourages players to move them around the board to their destruction lets players have mobile heavy weapons support. Unfortunately, they are the CD equivalent of the Ford Pinto. Militias in Harad often use technicals, but  they are rarely in front line service of the major warring factions. More importantly, they are quite fun to play with!


  1. Only just discovered your blog - great stuff! I love love love your header photo.

  2. Great work all around on some old classic toys.

    Very well done.

  3. hello there uncle ben. I want to ask you if you know the name of the toy for those motorcycles you use for the base of the Nod recon bikes?

    1. Hi Mike,

      Unfortunately I don't remember much about the original toy motorcycle, other than their rear heels were a magnet.