Tuesday 29 November 2011

Militia, Civilians, and a Dewback.

Not a very productive weekend. However some painting was achieved. First up is a rather neat metal Britannia figure, that I got as part of an order a friend placed some time ago. In CD terms, this is a motorcycle RPG stand. Gauranteed to draw fire, first time, every time.
Haradi militia RPG stand on a Ronson Motorcycle.
I also painted up the first of my camels from the Airfix Arabs set. In CD terms, this can either be a mounted command, or a mounted patrol stand. Again, it will be used as a Haradi militia stand.
A couple of nice militia stands. Three more camel stands to go!

Another view of camel and motorcycle.

I also started to paint up some plastic Arabs of unknown manufacturer. These were purchased on a world famous online auction site by a friend in a batch of 100 figures. They are made of white hard plastic, and have a crude factory paint job that makes Micro Machines seem like works of art.
These are the first ones I have repainted. GW Devan Mud wash highlights the form fitting burqa on the right. The sculptor clearly has a background in producing fantasy figures.

Lots of Arab Civilian stands ready to repaint. Even Simple Green won't remove the paint from these guys.

And now with added Hornby sheep.
I also started based up some Sandtrooper stands. I am still toying with the idea of converting some other figures to add to their numbers.
Two Sandtrooper stands, and a Dewback patrol stand.

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  1. That's a lot of work you've been doing! And still have to do! :-D