Friday 4 November 2011

The Jawa Horde

I have always liked Star Wars, I like Command Decision. The natural outcome is combining the two right? Using Micro Machine figures I have created a number of Star Wars armies. Today we will look at Jawas.
Jawas! - lots of 'em!
The system used is a blend of GDW's Striker II, and CD3. Striker II is (was) the updated mass combat system for Traveller: The New Era. It is basically taking CD2 and using the same basic mechanisms but changing the stats, the ground scale, and what stands represent. Single figure stands represent individuals, normal stands represent squads, and models represent one vehicle. In Star Wars Decision (SWD), what a stand represents depends on how big a game we want, as either the standard CD or Striker scales can be used.
Look there at the back! It's a dodgy stratchbuilt Bantha!
Games are generally very silly and a lot of fun.
More Jawas in a slightly different photo. Middle front are Womp Rats!
The Jawas regularly get their beans whenever they're fielded. Low morale, low troop quality, and a command structure that makes mid war Soviets look good, they are a good choice if you want to play a short Sci-Fi army.

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