Monday 7 November 2011

Series One Airfix US Marines

Many years ago I purchased a large number of prepainted Airfix soldiers that included some rather nice Series One Airfix US Marines. Naturally, I then based them up to use as a 1944 USMC battalion. I rather like these figures.
Some flaky paint but otherwise ready for action.
They were short a few figures such as machine guns, and a mortar team, so a few 20mm Hong Kong knock offs of the Airfix Series 2 Marines, plus a genuine one two, and the Esci Mortar Team from the US soldiers 'Big Red One' set. I think the paint jobs fit in well with the originals.
Why didn't they give us  the 1/32  Officer figure poses.

Another view of the additional figures.
These guys serve as either MG stands or Weapons stands. The .30 cal should be a tripod mount rather than the lmg bipod alternate standard to the BAR, but hey, no one has pinged me yet for the error.... Oh, wait...
Looking through these guys reminds me of all the fun Iwo Pasifika games I have had with them. They need some touching up where the original enamel paint has flaked off, and the mg and weapons stands redone. Still, thats all part of the fun because no wargames army is every truly finished. When I start painting up the huge pile of Marines in the stash is when I will start looking at redoing these guys.

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