Friday 4 November 2011

The German Repainting Project.

A wargaming army often looks better if its all painted in the same colour scheme. With this maxim in mind I have embarked on rebuilding and repainting my collection of toys. The first ones to receive this treatment have been my later war Germans.

Some Sdkfz 234s
Now in CD terms a late war German Recon Armoured Car Company should have 2x 234/1, 2x 234/2, and 1x 234/3 armoured car models. As previously mentioned I have roughly converted 2 Airfix Armoured Cars into Sdkfz 234/3s, and I have converted 3 Matchbox Pumas into Sdkfz 234/1s by giving them Airfix Sdkfz 222 turrets. And the Matchbox Puma is perfect as itself! The Airfix Armoured Car in the middle (beautifully painted by Mr Barclay and thus saved my repainting attentions) will be used as a Sdkfz 234/4 even though the fenders are entirely wrong. Another Airfix Armoured Car kit is in the process of having its fenders reworked and then repainted to create another Sdkfz 234/4, and should the Junkyard be willing, enough wheels might be found to convert a Matchbox Puma into a Sdkfz 234/1. The problem now becomes that in CD terms I have more Armoured Recon than a single division could field.
A box lid of rebuilds and repaints.
The basic paint scheme is just spray the vehicle primer gray, paint all over with a nice dark yellow, and sponge on some browny red, and dark green paint, and touch up details and tracks and there you go! Once I have all the vehicles painted I can then start to add on markings etc.

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