Saturday 12 November 2011

Support stands for modern games.

At the moment I am looking at getting a moderns campaign going that is loosely based on the collapse of Yugoslavia. Part of this project requires me to have available for player usage a number of HMG, and other support stands. Some time back the blog Plastic Warrior had a great idea for making Sagger teams for use in CD. Since it was such a great idea, I thought that I would make some up too! Thanks Paul for sharing such a great idea!
Figures are from the Atlantic Machine Gunners and Mortars set.

Saggers are made from cut down Katyusha rockets and an ammo box from a Fujimi kit.
While the fins are far too small, and the missile the wrong shape, they look suitable for the purpose. In the version of modern Cd my group plays, teams like this are represented by single figure stands, allowing greater flexibility than if they were represented by one stand for a whole platoon.

Another type of stand required for the game will be that of the media. A number of stands will be created, but here is one of the first.
The dreaded Fourth Estate! Flee!

Figure is probably a knock off of a Galoob/Micro Machine figure. 
The role of the media in the campaign will be something I will blog about should the project manage to get up and running. In the meantime here is some work in progress on some HMG and MMG stands that I am making up.
Figures are Caesar WW2 Underground Resisters and one Esci Modern Russian Paratrooper. HMGs from bits box and the one the right the Atlantic Machine Gunners and Mortars set. Resin ammo boxes from the Leva Productions Russian Infantry equipment set.

Figures are Airfix WW2 Russians on left, and one Airfix Modern Russian on right, with an Atlantic figure from the Machine Gunners set.  MMGs are from the Leva Productions Russian Infantry equipment set.

HMGs are Atlantic, figures are Esic Warsaw Pact, Caesar Underground Resisters, and two Imex North Koreans.

More Atlantic HMGs crewed by an Esci Modern Russian Paratrooper, and three WW2 Airfix Russians.

The last of the Atlantic HMGs! Crew is Imex North Korean and Esci Vietnam War US special forces. The MG stand on the right are metals of unknown make, but are a WW2 German MG42 team.
Once these stands are finished, work will start on the mortars. Hopefully, I will be able to get this project all ready to go by the end of January.

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  1. Some good and interesting platoon stand there Brian. Good to see a real mix of figures and weapons.

    Well done