Monday 7 November 2011

The Imperial Japanese Army Pt. 1

One of my favorite CD armies is my WW2 Imperial Japanese. I have acquired a number of bits and pieces over the years, including Evan's Japanese based up for WRG. Logistics is an area which is often glossed over in wargaming, so for my Japanese I thought I would made some logistics units. Japanese logistics during WW2 was more dependent on supply from local sources than the other major combatants, it was also less motorised. 
Japanese Pack mules. Most are from the Airfix German Mountain Troops pack, with an added Hong Kong knock off on the stand. Some are from the most excellent Airfix Jungle Outpost set. One is a model railways pony with milliput and a Airfix Japanese Infantryman. And, yes one is an elephant...

Breakfast Cereal Elephant + Fimo = Cargo Elephant for use in Burma.

During WW2 the Japanese made use of captured Allied vehicles. This gave me the excuse to rebuild vehicles from the scrap yard and give them to the Japanese to use.
Two rebuilt Matchbox Chevy LRDG trucks. I tried to make the rebuild similar to pictures of trucks abandoned along the Burma road.

Another view of the same.

Rescued from the scrapyard, a part melted Airfix Attack force Quad, pressed into Imperial service.

This side had a large melted hole which is now covered by a piece of plastic card and a pick axe.
Of course, not all the transport used by Japanese is so preloved.
Hasegawa Trucks: The Aircraft Tender and the Tanker Truck.

Another view of the Tender Truck.

Unknown Metal Fords/ GAZs. Given the awful nature of the castings I suspect they are knockoffs. I purchased these as assembled kits from someone using them for a Polish Army. The Model A sure got around.

More of the same. A Hasegawa GMC canvas cover has been cut down for one.
At some stage a major rebuilding and repainting effort is going to happen to my Japanese. Ideally the trucks will end up being painted in the same colour scheme, and the Chevys will be reworked into ex Dutch vehicles. Model A Fords could either be ones produced by the Ford plant in Yokohama or war captures. Further research into this will need to be done.
Pack horses for my Japanese 75mm Guns. 15mm ACW artillery wheels, model railway horses, and Hong Kong knock offs.

A reworking of the limber from the Airfix Civil War Artillery set.

Another view of the limber. Passenger on the limber is a Hasegawa driver.
The pack horses are for the Type 41 75mm Mountain guns my Japanese use. I have a number of ones from the Fujimi Japanese Infantry set - along with lots of rather useless figures!


  1. Fantastic range of kits and imagination :)
    Well crafted

  2. Good to see logistics being modelled :O)

    Kind regards, Chris

  3. Very inspiring!