Sunday 20 November 2011

Tusken Raiders

I decided to put a wash over my Tusken Raiders to try and give them a more gritty look. However, it didn't work as well asit has on other figures, The only thing that I can think of is that I hadn't degreased the figures, nor actually put any paint on them for the wash to adhere to. As they were prepainted Micro Machines figures, it simply didn't even cross my mind to do so.
Sand People are easily startled...

....but will soon return....

... in greater numbers.
A key aspect in the life of the Tusken Raiders is their relationship with their Bantha mounts.

My first attempt at scratchbuilding a Bantha. I plan to redo the horns, lips, and those beady little eyes...

A plastic hippo was used as a basis for the conversion. Air drying plasticine was used to build up the shaggy coat.

The size of the Bantha with Sand People near by for scale.
Like the Jawa horde the Tusken army has been based for use with my Star Wars CD variant. Enjoy some more pictures of the Tusken.
Gaderffii or Gaffi sticks - a Tusken's best friend!

More Tusken! Such a shame that the whole  Micro Machines figure range is out of production.

Centre front stand stand is carrying a Cycler rifle.

Another view. The wash has worked well, but it could have been better.

So Jawas and Tusken done.... what Star Wars Army should I do next?


  1. These are 1/72nd???? They look great...The bantha is excellent!!!

  2. As a Star Wars fan I like these figures a lot. You did a great job on them. And the bantha looks great indeed!

    PS: It seems to me you have more as a fistfull of plastic on that table :-D