Friday 4 November 2011

Clogging up your Roads, Blocking your Line of Sight, and needing your aid.

Often in  CD Moderns games, I try to add in civilians in order to make the scenarios more challenging, and therefore more fun. In order to do this I created these stands out of a mixture of HO, 1/76, and 1/72 scale figures.
Civilians: - Acting like they live here or something!
 These were painted by spray painting black and then painting with dull and dark blues, greys, and browns. Each stand represents 50 civilians and takes up 1 ton of scale cargo space. This can cause lots of fun in scenarios where one player has to transport the civilians out of an area.
See that guy with the Sackbarrow? Bet you that's more than just the essentials!
For Harad games, ebay was able to provide a number of 1/72 plastic Bedouin style Arab males and females. These guys are just great for complicating the Balkan games that occasionally occur.
Eventually these guys will get fully based up.
Having civilians on the tabletop makes for a different style of game, even if they are just there as window dressing.

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