Thursday 17 November 2011

Shantytown BUA for CD, Harad WIP

I'm again procrastinating from painting up Airfix French for my Volley and Bayonet army. And what better procrastination than making terrain for a different period and rules system!

Most major urban centers in Harad have gained shantytowns on their outskirts. These shantytowns lack virtually everything except poverty and desperation. In CD terms, these shantytowns can be represented by multiple templates. As with other BUA (Built Up Area) templates, a balance is needed between the number of items required to represent what the template is, and the ability to place stands throughout the template.

Balsa wood, cardboard, straws, and a MDF base.

Another view of the same. In keeping with the feel I was going for, nothing was measured, just guesimated.

Template measures aprox. 5 inches by 6.75 inches. Not a bad size template.

And now with added militia.

Roofs have been kept flat in order to allow placement of stands.

A view from above.

I might put rubble or other clutter where the 'missing' corner of this building should be.

The plan is is make up a few more shantytown templates, and at least one or two tent city templates, to add to the Harad terrain collection. I plan to add posters of various products to place on the walls in order to add to the general charm of the place.


  1. i just stumbled onto your blog. impressive. Harad. great name.i also like fictional scenarios.your figs are awesome,love the mixed troops converted over.gotta love those generic type atlantic dudes.great imagination!

  2. UB, we usually use a house-rule of 5" LOS in BUA. CD struggles a bit with sizeable urban conflict, and from personal experience somewhere 50-250mts is as likely as not. Give it a try

  3. Hi Al, We use a line of sight of 2" generally in BUA, and 4" on roads. Given the scale of CD We figure that roads on the table have to be major lines of communication. Streets tend to be blended into the BUA templates. 5" would make for some very interesting games though! The urban conflicts we have/had tend to very bloody unless one side bugs out. I'll certainly give it a go in our next game and will blog the results!

    @Tsold9000 and Geordie: Thank you both for your kind words!