Tuesday 15 November 2011

Harad National Guard

One of the  Haradian forces I am building is the Harad National Guard. The HNG was founded by former Imperial military personnel, liberal politicians, pro western academics, and other concerned citizens after the revolution. Much, but not all, of the HNGs equipment is of western origin.
HNG Officer dressed in  uniform of Imperial Army. Green collar tabs show arm of service as being Infantry.

All this Command stand needs is a command...

The figure is a conversion using the top half of a Hong Kong knock off Airfix German Officer, and the legs and webbing from some presumably modern US Army figures of unknown Chinese manufacture. These mystery figures were purchased at The Warehouse during 2002 and 2003. These figures were also rumoured to be available at Dollar Stores in the USA during the same time frame.
HNG Forward Observer.  Due to supply shortages units in Harad often have a non uniform appearance.

Rear view of figure from our mystery Chinese manufacturer.
More HNG stands. Figures are all from our mystery manufacturer. The base plastic of these figures ranges for very, very, soft and bendy, through to quite hard. Colour is either green or tan. I decided to use these guys as HNG as they lacked decent detail to mix in with Modern US from Caesar, Esci, Forces of Valour, or Revell.

HNG Weapons stands.

HNG Rifle stands. The weapons these guys are armed with are very poorly sculpted.

A detachment of HNG organised as two companies of two rifle platoons and one weapons platoon. HQ company consists of one command stand, one FO stand (attached), and one patrol stand.

Given the quality of the figures I decided to try and paint them as having a less uniform look. I wanted to have blues and greys in the colour mix (So they could double as Noddist troops), but also lots of sand, and brown too. All of the figures were given a wash of Devlan Mud, and then their bases had sand  put on them, and the edges painted black . And finally, for Katherine, I added sand to the bases of these guys too!

Based militia. With added sand. Because my wife told me to... :)