Saturday 5 November 2011


One of the games I have always wanted to run is the Goose Green Falklands scenario given in a Command Post and reprinted in the Command Post Compendium. Of course, what I really want to do is run the whole campaign as outlined in GDW's North Atlantic War, but that's another story.
2nd Para. A mixture of Matchbox Nato Paratroopers, Esci Nato British, and some misc. metals and plastics.
 The figures are largely all from the hard to find in NZ Matchbox NATO Paratroopers set, with some additions from the Esci NATO Troops set. The battalion command stand is from the Esci hard plastic 'Red Devils' set, minus his sten gun. The metal figures such as the Blowpipe stands, one of the Milan stands, and some other assorted gun crew and infantry are from unknown manufacturers. they were purchased second hand from an online auction site.
And in the centre foreground is the Royal Marine FO stand. NGS anyone?
 Now all that's needed are the Argentinians. My initial thought was to do head swaps on Matchbox NATO Paratroopers with Matchbox WW2 American Infantry, but I am reluctant to do so given that I want to use those figures as British infantry for some of the Command Decision scenarios given in North Atlantic War. West Germans from the Esci NATO Troops set are another possibility, but again those figures are quite handy for a variety of purposes. Metals are another possibility. What I am leaning towards at the moment is a combination of all of the above, with additional suitable figures being sourced from US WW2 ranges for the support weapons and crew. The 105mm recoil-less rifle is going to be sourced from the Mars Mujahideen set.


  1. Nice work there Brian, the mix of figures is great stuff, and now that there are some good rules to support CD Moderns you might get more of a chance to use them