Saturday 12 November 2011

Haradian Irregulars

About six months ago I acquired ten metal 20mm Taliban of unknown manufacturer. Two of them had been painted, while the rest were just undercoated. looking at these figures I thought they would be perfect to recruit into a militia unit for use in Harad games.
Some friendly Haradis.

The local Mullah also acts as militia commander.
Two of these figures were areadly painted, so I just put them on 20mm bases and gave them a wash of GW Devlan Mud.
The Mullah (Command stand) and a Patrol Stand.

Another view of the same stands.
One of the house rules that my gaming group has is that of having snipers in CD. This came about as the result of a series of debates over the nature of what a stand represented, the nature of urban combat, the role of snipers, and if having snipers could result in more enjoyable games. Snipers under our house rules act like Anti Tank Assault stands (CD3 Rule 10.4), in that they are eliminated after just one hit, as they represent less than the normal minimum ten personnel required to be a single figure stand, and they only have their special form of attack. Sniper stands cannot be created during the course of a game. Snipers fire as per a normal stand with a ROF of one, but instead of a hit causing a hit on an enemy stand, it results in a pin. Depending on the scenario, this pin is either allocated by the target player amongst eligible target stands as per normal small arms hits, or for a more brutal game, the pin is allocated by the firing player.
Haradi Snipers, or if you prefer, Patrol Stands.
Naturally, all house rules are only used with the complete agreement of those playing.
Three platoons of militia. The GW Devlan Mud is becoming a favourite of mine.

I tried to give these guys the look of having access to some official form of supply with a mix of olive drab clothing items.

I like these guys, but they look like they need a Chieftain.
Since I have become more active in my posting, it has been a real pleasure to receive so much positive feedback on my work, so I would just like to say thank you to everybody who has started following this blog, commented on it, or just popped in for a look. Cheers!

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