Sunday 22 July 2012

Recent Purchases

Quite recently Glenn made me aware of a couple of Star Wars Micro Machine auctions on a local internet auction site. While the ones he pointed out to me were cool, it was some others from the same seller that tempted me into parting with money.

Some useful bits and pieces.

 The first lot was purchased due to having a Tauntaun included. This means I can field four stands of Rebel cavalry in my Rebel Hoth army. The other figures are not quite as immediately useful, but are still welcome additions to my collection.

Bargain! - Imperial Forces lot.

The second lot was of a great deal of interest as it is made up of Imperial forces, and was a real bargain at NZ$10. While you can still pick up sets of Imperial Officers online for around NZ$7, plus freight, sets of Stormtroopers are hovering around the NZ$25 mark. This makes picking up a lot of 5 Stormtroopers (half a set), and 6 Imperial Officers (two thirds of a set) quite a bargain.

Friday 20 July 2012

Recycled French Pt. 4

Just a few more quick pictures of French figures that I have been recycling for use with Volley and Bayonet. I recently trawled through the plastic mountain to find French figures that I had obtained prepainted from various sources. So far I have found enough to make another four line infantry stands, four of middle guard, a stand of Cuirassiers, and a stand of Polish lancers. All very useful reinforcements.

More French!

As I write this post, I am discovering that Blogger does have a limit on the number of images it will let you upload, and that it stores images that have been uploaded but not posted as part of that storage limit. I have been very busy deleting fuzzy photos....

Esci Cuirassiers. Multiple packs were used to obtain this mix of pose.
This particular batch of heavy cavalry was obtained from a friend a number of years go. These were the ones that required the least touching up before receiving a brown wash, static grass on the base, and a nice matt varnish.

The Esci Polish Lancers are figures I had painted by the older sister of a friend in around 1990. The uniform details are somewhat erroneous, but the figures have the virtue of being painted, and requiring very little refurbishment.

The oldest cavalry I own... Esci Polish Lancers.
So my French forces are growing in leaps and bounds... and their rapid expansion seems to have sparked a  increase in the Napoleonic forces of Steve and Frank!

Harad Vehicle Guide

Recently I decided to get some of my CD 3 Moderns stats into a more user friendly format. The idea was to create an individual data card for each different type of equipment, with a view to making it easy to find all the game statistics in one place.

I even printed out a color cover sheet.
 I decided that I would make the 'Harad Vehicle Data Guide' in A5 format. I did this for a number of reasons; firstly, I wanted something small - A4 sized sheets have a tendency to take up space during gaming. Secondly, I have always liked the look and feel of A5 booklets, and finally, I have a number of A5 folders that I have horded away for such a purpose....

Inside cover sheet is printed in budget friendly greyscale.
 The gaming statistics are primarily based on David Makin's CD 3 moderns data, with some stuff converted across from 'Combined Arms'. Additional statistics (fuel usage etc) are sourced from the GDW game 'Twilight 2000'. Currently many of the additional non CD3 fields are blank as I am still deciding on what approach I will be taking with regards to logistics during moderns wargaming campaigns.

The Chieftain MBT - the pride and joy of the old Imperial Armoured Corps.
Each card has a picture of the vehicle (often sourced from GDW Twilight 2000 supplements), and all the data required to use it in a game of CD 3. While a few bits and pieces still need to be tweaked (and the odd typo eliminated), the format is one I am quite happy with.

Of course, striking out errata with a pen works too.
 Currently, the plan is to finish off all the data cards required to detail the equipment used by the Imperial Army - and thus the majority of successor forces, then start work on a separate guide book for Nod forces, and other factions/campaign settings as needed.

Occasionally, I used pictures of models from my own collection.
 Ideally I would like to create a data card for every vehicle, or piece of equipment, that is likely to be fielded in the games I play. While this sounds quite ambitious, the hardest part of this process was deciding on a format.I am quite pleased with the way these have turned out, and quite looking forward to using them in a game.
The M-48 is a popular tank in Harad.
In other matters, this is my 100th post. Often this milestone is marked by a giveaway, or competition, of some sort. I had seriously considered doing something of that sort, but the postage rates from NZ to the parts of the world where the bulk of those following this blog live are somewhat high. I then considered doing a NZ only competition, but I thought that was somewhat unfair given the readership percentages. My next thought was to put in the too hard basket and just quietly ignore having mentioned it at all....

However, that doesn't really address the matter in a way I would like, because I would like to say thank you to those who look at this blog, and to those who comment on posts, and those who even reblog or link to posts from here. So, I am currently thinking about what to do (as another blog stat milestone approaches) in order to solve my conundrum in a suitable way. Thoughts, ideas, or feedback of any type is most welcome!

Tuesday 10 July 2012

Horsemen of Harad

I have found some more pictures on the old laptop that I had been meaning to post. Since I had so much fun painting up the Airfix/Hat camels from the Arabs set, i decided that I would paint up the horse riders from that set too.... and since I was painting Arabs, I could also paint up a couple from the Eagle Games 'Age of Imperialism' set - PSR review here.

Foreground: Left to Right: Eagle Games Arab, Hat Arab. Background: Left to Right: Hat Arab, Eagle Games Arab.

Note Eagle Games Arab on left has had arm and weapon replaced with an Esci arm and AK-47.
And painted.... except that one Eagle Games Arab has gone, and one Hat Arab has been changed for another of the same pose. The new figure (second from left) is from a New Ray Farm playset.

Hat Arabs on display.

Note the New Ray figure has had a Fujimi MP-44 added.

And a nice group shot.
And what of the the other Eagle Games Arab, and the other Hat Arabs? Are they going to be painted?
Well - yes - they will, but in the fullness of time. In other news, I will be marking a blog milestone of 100 posts soon, and it seems to be traditional to mark these things with a competition of sorts. Feel free to make suggestions or thoughts on this in the comments section.

Monday 9 July 2012

More Motorcycles WIP.

Around early June, the hard drive on my laptop started to fail. With the help of some very tech savvy friends, I have managed to keep the laptop lurching along in a rather zombie like fashion. Fortunately, my very generous in-laws gave me a replacement machine - for which I am very grateful. What all this has meant for this blog has been a) a rather delayed amount of posting, and b) as I transfer data from old to new, discovering pictures I meant to post - or though I had already posted.... Such as these ones....

Part of my personal rebuilding after the late unpleasantness, has been a redividing of my stockpiles of German gear into four main bands of use - Early War, Late War, Africa, and Eastern Front - with a few subdivisions here and there.

This process was also applied to my stock of German Motorcycles. firstly the early war WIPs. These are going to be the basis of a Motorcycle battalion, for use with CD 3.
Currently undercoated, but needing a little bit of TLC.

Motorcycles are largely Fujimi, with added Matchbox and Airfix figures.

Currently awaiting the next burst of activity....
The other group of motorcycles are the ones I am planning to use in North Africa. I have gotten further along with these fellows, as I am enjoying painting with sands and browns - makes me think of Harad in the spring....
Of course not much further along than the early war chaps...M/Cs are largely Italeri with some Hasegawa added in.

Of course I painted the command stand first.
Right, since I have posted these I can feel a bit less slack about not posting them earlier....

More Matchboxes

I find NZ chain store called 'The Warehouse' to be an excellent source of diecast vehicles suitable for conversion. currently they are the best stockist - in terms of both range and price- of the Matchbox range of toys.

At the beginning of this year I purchased a few such vehicles for conversion purposes, and then promptly did nothing with them.

 The vehicles come from two separate Matchbox ranges. The first is the 'Real Working Rigs' range - which is where the Buffalo MPCVs come from. Not all of this range is available in New Zealand, fortunately the Buffaloes were. I picked them up for around NZ$12 each. The second is the 'Super Convoy' range which is what the tractor trailers are part of. These retail here for around NZ$20.

The Ford tractor unit is going to get quite weathered.

The spreader is somewhat less useful than the cab.
 The DAF truck, with it's cargo of a huge generator, made me think of the book 'Juggernaut' by Desmond Bagley. The book could be a very interesting basis for a short campaign.

A very nice looking DAF Tractor unit.
Comes with lowbed trailer with detachable generator.

The generator can be removed off it's carry bed.
 Of course, even without the generator, the low bed trailer does have it's uses.

Long enough for a M-48.
But sadly too narrow.

But just right for a Buffalo!
Many of you will already be well aware of the gaming potential of the Matchbox Buffalo - more than one blog I follow has had pictures up of this this. So I may be preaching to the choir here....

 I have seen extensive discussion on the internet about the Matchbox MPVC, and what scale the vehicle is. Some claimed that it was perfect for 15mm, others for 20mm. My own research (and experience with Matchbox products) leads me to think that it is a 'box scale' diecast that with work well with both scales without actually being a true scale model.

Extendable arm - hence the 'Real Working Rigs' title!

Buffalo size comparison to 1/72 scale Esci/Italeri US Vietnam War figure.

And size comparison to Airfix M-48. The buffalo is not small.

 Now that I have posted the pictures up on my blog, it will hopefully motivate me to do something about them. Of course I still have work to do on my Airfix SPG horde, and those fuel tankers....

Combat Tanks Collection Pt. 1 Allied WW2

A while back I subscribed to the 'Combat Tanks Collection' magazine by DeAgostini - the same folk who did the Lord of the Rings magazine with the GW figures - because they were going to be sending me two 1/72 tanks a month, with a magazine on each tank, for less than NZ$40 (including shipping).  It seemed like too good a deal to resist - so I didn't!

The collection, according to my initial research on it in 2010, was meant to run to around 60 issues, however it seems that models from another DeAgostini title 'The Panzer Collection' are being added into the collection. This may mean that the collection will run for at least another 60+ issues. It also means that many of the models will not be tanks, or as useful to me as a tank model - next issue No: 62 will see me gain another 222 armoured car.

British tanks for use in Africa.   Crusader II, Grant, and Matilda II.

Note the off centre roundel on the left.

A very nice sponson.

Side view of the Crusader II.

Side view of the Matilda II.

Allied armour for use in Western Europe.

Side view of the Churchill.

US M4A3 Sherman - armed with a 105mm gun. In CD 3 you need one of these for each US Tank battalion.

The mighty Pershing tank!

Cromwell tank.

Our Soviet friends.... T-34/76, IS-2, KV-1, SU-85.

SU-85 in the foreground.




 And, finally something amphibious! I managed to purchase two of these models in 2009 at the Riccarton Markets - except they were in a 'shopworn' condition and were green with red stars, with the legend 'The Bloody Trail' on each.

LVT(A)-1 very nice!

Rear view of the beast.

Note that the MG gun tubs are covered over. This will be rectified in due course.

 Next up with be the Axis vehicles.