Sunday 12 January 2020

OPFOR Update

Since I figured I was due for another blog update, and I haven't quite sorted out what I was intending to post - I thought that a simple update post showing a couple of recently completed items that are linked by a common theme would be an appropriate filler post.

3d Printed BRDM-2 Us
 First up are two 3d printed BRDM-2Us that I purchased from a seller on Ebay that offers some more unusual vehicle types for sale. While the printing is not of the finest quality, it does produce once painted a reasonable result.

The model itself doesn't the usual upper hull details and additional hatches that are associated with the BRDM-2U, but it will do for now.

Shellhole Scenics Russian Female Radio Operator
 I had purchased some figures from Shellhole Scenics some time ago and decided to start painting a few of them up at the same time I was painting up some other Soviet and Russian figures. This is the radio operator from one of their command packs that also includes a boy runner, a nurse, and a regional commander.

A pair of S and S Models ZPU 23/2 AA guns
One of these guns I had painted up a year or more ago, while the other was only complete in the last couple of months. Currently they don't seem to be on the S and S models website, but I'm sure that an email tro them would quickly determine if they will be available in the future.

Thursday 2 January 2020

Children of the Tattered King

It has been over a year since my last blog post, but even before then, output had been sporadic over the previous two years.

A tattered yellow King and mustard robed cultists. 
Despite the lack of blog posts I have been active playing games, making models, and painting figures. I just haven't posted anything to the blog - despite taking pictures with the intention of doing so:)

One of the games that I have been playing is a rather fun Steampunk skirmish system called 'In Her Majesty's Name'. Naturally, I have been building various quirky forces in 20mm rather than move to another scale.

Cultists from the Stan Johansen Road Warrior range.
The system allows a great deal of flexibility in creating forces, so I decided to create a force themed as a Hastur cult. One of Hastur's manifestations is 'The King in Yellow', and one of the titles that is used to refer to this manifestation is that of the Tattered King (although it might be more correct to say avatar - however I am no expert on the mythos).

RAFM The King in Yellow figure from their Cthulhu Miniatures - Classic range.
Given the above, I though that a good name for my cult would be 'Children of the Tattered King' as it captures the vibe of the RAFM figure. Originally I was going to paint the cultists yellow, but after the difficulties I encountered painting the king yellow, I felt mustard would work for the rank and file cultists.

A nice mix of weapons - my favorite is the chainsaw.
The Stan Johansen cultists are full of character, and are equipped with a wide range of equipment. I am tempted to order the cultists with  heavy weapons, as they would make a nice addition to the rest of the cult. They are however shorter than the Elhiem Hooded Cultists that I am going to use as high status members of the cult.

A trio of crossbow wielding cultists.
To disguise this issue, I have mounted the Stan Johansen on MDF bases, rather than the washers I have been using for other figures. I haven't completed basing the cultists - they will get a basing similar to that of the RAFM figure.

The figure on the far right may be used as either an engineer or crew for a mechanical construct.

Plenty of gun packing cultists too.
 Another group of Hastur worshipers and generally unpleasant folk are the Tcho-Tcho people. I intend to use GW Night Goblins to represent them as their teeth and size (relative to 20mm figures) match some descriptions of the Tcho-Tcho, and they have a distinct style of clothing.

GW Night Goblin that I am going to use as a Tcho-Tcho.
The Tcho-Tcho are often described as being red skinned, but so far I have gone with a pale skin colour, but I might experiment with some red skin colours to see what they look like.