Thursday 27 June 2013

Argentine WIP update.

This is just a quick update to show what I have been doing so far with the converting figures for use as Argentinians.

Another Pucura - this time a solid resin version that has enough transfers for three aircraft...

Surprisingly I have been consistently busy with this project, rather that my normal "buy lots of stuff and have it sit in box for ages" approach that has dogged more than a few of my projects......  However this is not to say that I haven't been purchasing things.... like another Pucara - but more detail on that in another post.

Converted figures for use as command stands for 5 BIM.
The conversion process has been in three steps, first figuring out what i need, second sorting out the figures, and finally actually making the conversions!

More figures for use as single figure stands.
My main source of figures for conversion has been the Airfix British Paratrooper set, as the figures are quite bulky and close examination of the weapon on one figure shows it to be a carbine with a pistol grip. I have added a longer barrel and added on some green stuff to bodge it into a more FN FAL like shape. A new head has been donated by Italeri (Esci reissue) American Vietnam war infantry figures.

Airfix British Paratroopers with their new heads.
I have also used some of Paul from Plastic Warriors ideas (click here for link) for suitable figures from US WW2 ranges, as well as some Imex Korean War figures. My gun crew stands so far also include figures from various model kits.

Gun crew stands. I still have to make at least two more to man some AA guns for the Goose Green game.

Support elements for 5 BIM.  I have reworked the Mars recoilless rifle to resemble the Argentine ones.

 I still have quite a few more conversions to do, mainly of the Matchbox/Revell Paratroopers I got the other day. (click here for that post here)

So far the only Matchbox British Para to be converted.

A better view of the RCL.

Another view of the RCL.

With the RCL near done, I have to start thinking about scratch building two AA guns for use at Goose Green. I have some ideas already, but I want to finish off making 5 BIM first.

Two gun crews get a start on their paint job.

5 BIM rifle company command stands get the same basic start.

5 BIM's Battalion command stand gets the treatment as well.

I have started to convert this old Corgi Dingo armoured car into something (Its around 1/60 scale). Perchance  a dodgy Panhard?

Esci Modern Russian Paratroopers gain Matchbox US Infantry heads and hopefully  will pass muster as  Argentine Army troops.

So that's a brief rundown on what i have been doing modelling wise. I still have to scan in and email some stuff for Paul, but haven't managed to sit in front of a scanner yet, but hopefully I will soon..

Monday 24 June 2013

Nod Walker?

Light grey goes quite blue if you use a nice blue wash.

Something that I have finished a couple of weeks ago, but hadn't posted. I actually started this model several years ago, but never really could figure out how I wanted the finished model to look!

Dark Dream studio calls it an "Armadill" - a walking machine used by the  Federalists.

I purchased a set of Dark Dream Studio "Space Battles" because I liked the infantry figures (click here for the PSR review), and felt that I could use them as a number of Sci-Fi troop types. Unfortunately I still haven't quite figured out what I want to use as - nor how I what them to look! Still, no harm in keeping them in the plastic mountain for another few years.

Note the Plasma gun mounted on the side - but I still think it needs more guns.

The biggest problem with the model was that the hatch wouldn't sit tight in the down position. I decided to model in a raised position and not bother with trying to find any 'glass' for the cockpit either. Instead I am going to run with that it is a field modification that occurred as a result of having to deal with chronic overheating used caused by the manufacturer using non mil-spec parts (to save costs) that resulted in several walker pilots suffering from extreme heatstroke during operations.

It's an idea I've liked since encountering something very similar in David Wong's article "The Ultimate War Simulation Game" (click here for link and go to the second half of point nine)

The model itself also seemed to have a far too complicated leg arrangement - so I removed some of the parts used to create a leg arrangement that was somewhat simpler. I also felt it lacked firepower so I added a GW 40K Plasma pistol to the right hand side.

Overall I am reasonably happy with how itv turned out, and will probably do up the rest of the figures in the same blue grey shade so that I can use them as high tech NBC Nod troopers or generic Sci-Fi troops. I may even do up some Airfix Astronauts in the same colour scheme, although I have seen some 1950's pulp style 1/72 scale Spacemen that would be perfect for doing up. Alas, I haven't seen any for sale - but at least I know they exist!

Friday 21 June 2013

Painting by Frank.

Airfix Leopard 1 painted up in Nod colours.

Frank's armies have generated quite a lot of positive feedback whenever they have appeared on this blog. So when i got the opportunity to put a link up to an online gallery of his work I did so! EDIT: I have removed the link as Gallery is no longer online.

Noddist Infantry based for CD3

Frank has also decided to start a painting service. I have put an extract of an email he sent me below, in with he outlines his rates:

"The albums with the Nod figures or the Napoleonics is the standard that I would expect to paint 20mm figures to commission. The High Elves are about the standard i would expect to do 28mm to. The characters (Eldar Warlocks, Warhammer heroes, standardbearers etc) are charcters and generally require a bit more effort. Those would be by negotiation. Normal troops I would do $2 per 20mm or 15mm fig, or $4 per 28mm fig as discussed. Cavalry count as 2 figs, horse and rider."

20mm British Napoleonic Cavalry based for Volley and Bayonet.

20mm British Napoleonic troops based for Volley and Bayonet.

High Elves.

Eldar Warlocks.

So should anyone be interested in using Frank's services - drop a line in the comments and I will put you in touch with Frank.

Monday 17 June 2013

Argentinian Orbats and figure conversions.

I am continuing to slowly build up my forces for running some Falklands war scenarios. I am using as a starting point the GDW Harpoon/Combined Arms supplement "South Atlantic War" as a basis for my Argentinean units. I am also using information and research that has been gathered by others (such as Paul over at Plastic Warrior -see the discussion in the comments), and that I have found myself.

Esci SA-7 figure from the Spetsnaz set, with head replacement from the  Esci WW2 US Infantry set.

The SA-7 team painted and based, ready for Goose Green.

Another view of the SA-7 stand.  lots more conversions to go!
For the battle of Goose Green, I am rather spoiled for choice as GDW not only included information on the battle in SAW, but also published in as a scenario in the old Command Posts (CP 5 I believe), which was then included in "The Command Post Compendium". Both the SAW and the CP scenarios give slightly different forces, so I am going to model enough elements to use both ToEs, so I can then tinker with the force used in order to either achieve greater play balance, or if I find new information - a more historical force.

Command Post Compendium Argentine Orbat Goose Green

Army Units

12th Infantry Regiment, Trained ML: 7
Headquarters, with:
  1 Command stand
  1 Infantry stand
Headquarters Company, with:
  1 Command stand
  2 Support stands
  1 Engineer stand
Combat Support Company, with:
  1 Command stand
  1 Recon Infantry stand
  1 HMG stand
  1 81mm Mortar stand (ds)
  1 105mm RCL
  1 Gun Crew stand (ds)
Company A, with:
  1 Command stand
  3 Infantry stands
Attached Units: 
  Battery A, 4th Airborne Artillery Regt., Regular, ML 8, with:
         1 Command stand
         1 Jeep
         1 M107 105mm howitzer
         1 Gun Crew stand (ds)
         1 Support stand
         2 tons ammo
         1 Medium truck  
  Battery B, 601st ADA Group, Regular, ML 8, with:
         1 Command stand
         1 SA-7 team
         1 Twin 35mm ADA gun
         1 Gun Crew stand
  Elements, Company C, 8th Infantry Regt., Regular, ML 8, with:
         1 Self Ordering Infantry stand

105mm RCL and 107mm Mortar. The Mortar will be used by 5 BIM.

Esci Spetsnaz figure cut down, and head replaced by one from Matchbox US Infantry figure.

If this test conversion goes well I will do more.


Company B, 12th Infantry Regt., Trained ML 7, with:
       1 Command stand
       3 Infantry stands
Company C, 12th Infantry Regt., Trained ML 7, with:
       1 Command stand
       3 Infantry stands
Company C, 25th Infantry Regt., Regular ML 8, with:
       1 Command stand
       3 Infantry stands  

Airfix British Paratrooper. Stock figure is on right. Left figure has had head replaced with Esci/Italeri  US Vietnam war figure., and barrel extended with plastic card.

Another Airfix British Paratrooper in the process of conversion.

Air Force Units

Headquarters, Regular, ML 8 with:
  1 Command stand
  Air Defense Units, Regular ML 8, with:
      1 Command stand
      2 Infantry stands
      1 20mm Rh 202 ADA gun
      1 Gun Crew stand
  3rd Attack Squadron Ground Crews, Green, ML 6, with:
      10 Ground Crew stands

Now this ToE has a few issues, the most obvious being that 3rd Attack squadron seems to have 300-500 ground crew! The SAW ToE reduces that down to one Command stand and three infantry stands, but also drops the morale to 4.  I am going to have to do a bit of research in order to produce a ToE that I am happy with!

HK knock off of Airfix US Marine. I plan to use this figure as part of 5 BIM, as they used M20 Bazookas.

A better view of the Airfix British Paratrooper figure. The head has been replace with  one from a HK knock off US Marine, and coated with liquid Green Stuff. This figure will also be used as part of 5 BIM.
So far I have also found suitable figure in the Imex Korean War US Infantry, and will no doubt find other suitable US figures to convert. Hopefully I will be able to build up enough figures in order to field a useful range of Army, Marine, and Airforce units.

Thursday 13 June 2013

Variag Technicals.

Variag Technicals.
Khand is home to many peoples, one of which are the Variag. The Variag are a semi nomadic people with a strong cavalry ethos, who were famous in ancient times for using a mixture of war chariots and light cavalry in their war hosts. This practice gave them the name of  Wainriders amongst the nations of the West.

The Variag also have a reputation for innovation, so it unsurprising to see that many Variag clans have produced a wide array of  fast moving and hard hitting technicals for use in the many battles that have occurred throughout conflict torn Khand. The Variag also have a strong tradition of hiring out as mercenaries , a practise that has enriched many individual clan lords.

Two of the base diecasts.

The base vehicles for the technicals are three very cheap and nasty diecasts that were sold at The Warehouse a couple of years back. They did come with a roll bar in the back that had been removed some time back. The first step was to create a tray out of plastic card in the back so that a) the wire axle could be hidden, and b) the weapon mount had a level place to sit.

So cheap that you can see the wire axle...

A bit of GW sprue to provide a level base for the plastic card.

A crude plastic card tray is added.

The next step was to raid the bits box and find a few weapons, and some odd bits of plastic and sprue to make the weapons mounts. The white cross grid. plastic is actually pieces of a plastic frame used to mount cross stitch and also makes great windows and fencing.

Bits and pieces ready to make the weapons mounts.
 I deccided the weapons mix for these would be two 20mm Oerlikon guns (from the Airfix Buffalo kit) and a generic ATGM made out of a piece of aircraft undercarriage. The ATGM is quite large but I like it as it suggests a ATGM rather the accurately modelling a particular type.

The vehices before being sprayed black.
 I then sprayed them black with cheap matt spray paint, badly drybrushed the vehicle bodies white and the weapons olive drab, and the gave them a light brown wash.

Variag Technicals - potential friends or foes, given one's ability to pay.
Edit - this should have been the photo used above!

Occasionally amongst the Variag Clan leaders, one arises to prominence  above all others and becomes Khan of all the Clans. Rumour currently has it that one clan leader is currently well on his way to achieving this goal. Stories of this so called  "Diesela Khan" are currently viewed with interest throughout the region....

Tuesday 11 June 2013

M48 Battle King Refurbishment.

In between purchasing toys and planning my Goose Green game, I have managed to clean up and paint another tank to add to my Haradi forces. I've also painted up some other stuff, but they can wait for another post.

A bright metallic green is perhaps not the best colour for a MBT.
Some of you might remember a previous post about some Battle Kings that my lovely wife bought me. The King Tiger has since found a good home with Archduke Piccolo (click here for his blog), the SPG is getting a few last minute touch ups, the Hawk launcher has been played with, while the M-48 has been repainted!

Less green, more sand.

The view from the other side.

Close up on the tank commander.
I also have added again to my collection of Battle Kings, with the purchase of a rather nice  K-103 Chieftain.  This one is one of the later releases of the toy, as it has a more sensible paint job (the first releases were also in metallic green, and the running gear is all in olive green.  The tank commander is also luckily in one piece, as normally in play worn examples the head is often missing.

Chieftain and Sherman. Both with their factory paint jobs which were greatly improved from the first release of Battle Kings. 

Another view of same. I do like the paint job!

The chieftain came with a encrustation of something resin-like on the front.

The Sherman tank commander figure has been cut level with the  hatch rim.

 The Sherman I acquired back in October last year as part of a large purchase of diecasts (click here for details), but had been since then on the disposals list. Now since it has a paint job similar to the chieftain, I have decided that I can use it for a second, or even third line, Haradi unit. Of course, I may just change my mind again entirely. Still no rush, and better yet, no wrong answer!