Sunday 9 August 2015

Bergstiger to Gun Tiger

Another partwork magazine I have been collecting is Military Vehicles magazine (Which is rather a plain name, but quite descriptive of the contents). Issue three of the magazine (of which I bought some additional copies) offered a model M1126 Stryker and a model Bergetiger.

And all for under NZ$15 an issue.
Now, while having multiple model Strykers is very useful, having multiple models of a vehicle that most likely only one ever existed of, is somewhat less useful.

Tank and spare parts.
Fortunately, I had spare parts from one of the many different Tiger I kits put out by Hasegawa, and thus I had a solution for one of the extra Bergetigers. (One of the others I sent over to Paul at Plastic Warriors click here to see his post on it).

Useful spares.
The first step was to remove the crane and winch, which according to some (click here for more detail) is too small to use as a recovery vehicle, but was actually designed for use as a demolition charge layer. Other theories are discussed here.

And all gunned up.
I have of course kept one for use as a demolitions tank, or workshop tractor, or even an ARV!