Friday 26 September 2014

Another Plastic Battle King Clone

 It has been some time since my last post, mainly due to the amount of time I am spending working at my new job, and organising the great migration north from Christchurch to Palmerston North. I hope to start making time in order to do more on the blog - time will tell if I am successfull!

Battle King K-102 M-48A2 on left, Plastic clone on right.
Previously I have pointed out in previous posts some plastic knockoffs of Matchbox diecast vehicles - Saracen Armoured Cars (click here for details) and Battle King Chieftain Tanks (click here for details). Recently on a local NZ auction site I discovered another plastic clone of a Matchbox diecast - the Battle King K-102 M-48. Naturally, I acquired it as it would be another useful tank, and provide (at least to me!) an interesting short blog entry!

Side by side view. Note the diecast has no tracks, a number of  Battle Kings with excellent original paintwork have been put for auction in this condition recently.

Unlike the Chieftain knockoff, I have never seen another example of this in NZ. Normally the plastic M-48s are a larger size and seem to be based on another source, although the tracks and running gear are very similar.

The turret gives the source of the knockoff away.

I am curious to see what other knock offs of Matchbox military diecasts occurred, as Matchbox did produce a wide range of toys (and as a Mattel brand still does!) that would have caught the eye of knock off artists in various parts of the world. Of course many of these knock offs are probably considered collectors items in their own right now!