Saturday 6 November 2021

3D Printing Round Up

 Late last year I was fortunate to receive as a late Christmas gift a 3D printer. Since then I  hae been experimenting with it to produce models and terrain pieces. Most of what I have printed, I haven't taken photos of and as a result it hasn't made it on to the blog.

M1133 Stryker MEV upscaled to 1/72 scale

M1133 Stryker MEV file located here

As I don't know how to digitally model items in 3D, I am reliant on the hard work and talent of others. The files that I am using to print are sourced from:
  • 3d printing community sites that host free files, 
  • Websites that sell files,
  • Kickstrarters, or
  • By direct arrangement with the file creators.
I suspect that the vast bulk of people using 3D printers to produce gaming aids are reliant on the efforts of others to produce the files they print. Hopefully this potential market means that folk who create files find it worthwhile to continue doing so.

1/72 M1074 Joint Assault Bridge 

M1074 JAB file located here

105mm L118 light gun (file from here)

My 3D printer uses filament so doesn't produce models with the same crispness as a resin printer. I am planning to obtain a resin printer in the future in order to produce more detailed models and figures.

NZLAVs around a vehicle obstacle ( obstacle file here)


1/72 Scale Technical (file located here)

As I intend to post more on this blog there will be more 3D printe items in the future.

Tuesday 2 November 2021

Duchy of Warsaw 13th Infantry Regiment

I have completed another brigade stand for Volley and Bayonet, but unlike my more recent efforts - it has nothing to do with the 100 Days campaign. Instead it is a Polish infantry regiment from the army of the Duchy of Warsaw.

Waterloo 1815 Polish Infantry painted as the 13th Infantry Regiment

In late 1809 the Duchy of Warsaw added another six infantry regiments to their army. One of these regiments was uniformed with captured Austrian uniforms which resulted in them wearing white coats with white lapels, light blue collars and cuffs topped off with a czapka. More information on Polish troops during the Napoleonic period can be found here.

I also based up a skirmish stand.

This produced a uniform that is in my opinion quite pleasing to the eye. So when some painted examples came up for sale on a local internet auction site I asked Kat to to put a bid in for me. The figures are all from the Waterloo 1815 Polish Infantry 1812/14 set (click here for the PSR review).  

Only four each of the standing firing pose and the reloading pose is supplied in each set according to PSR, so this group of figures has been collected from three separate sets. 

A view from the side.

The figures were individually based which required me to unbase them carefully in order to rebase them in a pleasing manner for V&B. The unbasing process did damage the paint job slightly on some figures, and the ramrods were painted as wood rather than iron, so some minor repainting was required.

The rear view

The flag had also been painted as blue with a golden eagle, so I repainted it to more closely match what most secondary sources have described the flag. Once the touch ups had been completed I used a very light black wash to pop the detail in the figures.