Monday 16 February 2015

WIP Cardboard M-113

Cardboard and resin M-113
Many years ago I purchased a pdf of a 172 scale M113 from Paper Tiger Armaments. Naturally, after printing it out, I did absolutely nothing with it. Frank, on the other hand was inspired to make his own cardboard M-113s for his cultist army.

The soft cardboard underbelly of the beast.
I obtained three of his surplus hulls early last year with a view to figuring out a way of making some quick and dirty wheel and track assemblies to use on them. I figured the easiest way of making the assemblies was to create a one piece resin assembly.

A coat of paint and some stowage will make it look better!

Once I made the wheel assembly, I then glued it to the hull and repeated the process on the other side. I then put a black undercoat on the assemblies, and then started putting some Sand grey primer on one side of the model.

Undercoated track and wheel assembly.

Dry brush of sand grey primer over the track and wheel assembly.
So with a little more work, I can finish this model off, repeat the process another two times, and chalk up another project as being finished off.

Thursday 12 February 2015

EKO Set 4508 - Swiss Infantry

A group of not Swiss infantry based up for CD.

While I have been busy of late, I have found time too paint up another set of Eko figures (Click Here to see the PSR article). These were sourced through the good offices of Glenn, and I will admit I enjoyed painting them.

In CD terms this would equate to a strong rifle company of four rifle platoons, a HQ section and a patrol/recon element.

The Swiss Army of the 1970s is not a force that I could see myself getting a great deal of gaming use out of, and while painting them up in their intended scheme would have been quite pleasing, I felt that I would bring out the character of the figures more if I opted for a different scheme. With that in mind, I have gone for a scheme that should let me add them into a number of different factions that I use in my moderns games.

The BUA has lots of CD friendly places to put troops in!
I also found time to finish off two buildings that I have been working on for around two years. I figured it was either finish them, or deep six them. Now that the wife has moved up here and the unpacking has started in earnest, I should be able to set up a proper painting desk again, and get a good size table organised.

Building A: The view from above.
 I have a few more little BUAs planned as I hope by making lots of small ones, I can place them down to cover large amounts of a table in urban sprawl.

Building B: Same-Same but different!.

Perhaps I will even manage to finish off some other projects? - One can but dream!