Saturday 3 November 2012

New Gāmūs APCs for Imperial Army WIP

A couple of months back I obtained a few more Airfix Attack force vehicles from Glenn. Amongst them were two of the Troop Carriers that are modeled after British FV430 series of APCs, but are larger than 1/76 or 1/72 scale. Most likely they were made to a box scale in order to make them roughly the same size as the tanks releases by Airfix as part of the same series.

Oversized guns removed and plastic card hatches glued on.
 I have already added one of these vehicles into my Haradi forces as a mortar carrier, (details here), and courtesy of Don M of Brazos Evil Empire I obtained the name for this class of APC - the Gāmūs - which is Haradi for Buffalo. Now that I have three of these APCs I am tempted to use them as command or support vehicles for the 155mm SPG units.

Plastic card added to create bottom front plate.

A better view of the hatches.

Grey undercoat primer added.

A coat of Vallejo Iraqi Sand is then brushed on.
I also finally finished work on another vehicle for my Haradi forces, a 37mm autocannon mounted on a light truck. The truck is a c heap plastic toy that used to be included in sets of Army Men (an earlier post about these trucks is here), while the autocannon is made up of parts from a Hasegawa German 37mm AA gun, an Airfix 75mm Gun from their armoured car kit, and the gunner is from the Airfix Opel Blitz.

Basically it's another technical.
A very simple and basic addition to my collection of technicals  this AA truck is lacking in a number of details, but looks the part. I hope to add some more technicals and armoured cars to my Haradi forces in the next couple of weeks
A closer view of the gun.
I might even play a game and post it on the blog!