Tuesday 18 January 2022

Figures for Duke, Elector, King

Recently I have been reading on other blogs (such as Neil Patterson's Aufklarungsabteilung, and David in Suffolk's The Ragged Soldier blogs) about using a Frank Chadwick designed board game called 'Soldier King' as a campaign engine for tabletop games for battles between 18th century imagi-nations.

Airfix British grenadiers painted as something different.

While both blogs contain useful information with regard to the use of 'Soldier King' as a campaign engine, Aufklarungsabteilung has more detail with regard to using it with Volley and Bayonet.
In the comments on the Ragged Soldier post, Neil mentions that rather than use 'Soldier King' as a campaign engine, Frank Chadwick's gaming group created ‘Duke, Elector, King’ a V&B campaign system that was designed to fight battles between 18th century imagi-nations (more details can be found here).

I like the Autumn flock but don't really use it much. 

I have painted and based these Airfix British Grenadiers for use in ‘Duke, Elector, King’ despite not having determined what nation they will serve. The paint scheme was loosely inspired by the uniforms of Russian Grenadiers.

The use of Airfix figures has been inspired by the comment made by Glenn some time back that with the release of the British Grenadiers set (PSR review located here) and the Washington's Army set (PSR review located here), Airfix had provided Wargamers with two very useful sets of generic 18th century infantry.

A view from the rear

As I have been fortunate enough to acquire a number of figures from these sets from Glenn, using them as the basis for several imagi-nation armies would seem to be a logical employment of them.

Potentially I may designate these as light fusiliers and justify the headgear by means of cunning backstory.

I also have a number of painted and partially painted paint conversions of Airfix AWI British Grenadiers into French Napoleonic Imperial Guard Grenadiers that I obtained from Glenn. These figures I hope to be able to convert back into 18th century troops in blue coats for use by another yet to be named imagi-nation.

Tuesday 11 January 2022

Unknown Metal Figures - Help needed

 Recently I purchased a bulk group of 25mm Science Fiction themed metal figures off eBay. Currently they are sitting happily in Pennsylvania as as the time of writing there is no regular mail service between the USA and NZ. 

This means that I am relying on pictures alone to identify the figures and don't currently have any idea of what codes could be on the base of the figures. Fortunately the internet has been useful in identifying quite a few of the figures.

125 Old school metal figures

I have managed to identify a number of the figures as being from the following ranges:

However, a number of figures allude my identification so I am hoping that if I post pictures of the mystery figures with a nice red ring around them, readers might be able to assist with identification.

Unknown Set A 

Figure A1 Soldier in green fatigues?
Figure A2 Large Robot. Update: It could be Garrison Miniatures Star Troopers range ST12 Humanoid Robot
Figure A3 Spacer in blue jumpsuit. Update: It could be GG-20 Mercenary, Standing w. Assault Rifle from the Ral Partha Galactic Grenadiers range.

Unknown Set B

Figure B1 Not James Bond type?
Figure B2 Kneeling Sniper?

Unknown Set C

Figure C1 Agent with pistol and cane?

Unknown Set D

Figure D1 Vampire slayer with  wooden stake?

Unknown Set E

Figure E1 Knight or Robot with dual swords?

Unknown Set F

Figure F1 Large Robot. Update: It could be Garrison Miniatures Star Troopers range ST12 Humanoid Robot
Figure F2 Large Robot.  Update: It could be Garrison Miniatures Star Troopers range  ST1 Trooper in Powered Battle Armor with Missile Launcher

Note that both figures are missing their weapons

Unknown Set G

Figure G1 Man in Cowboy hat with SMG?
Figure G2  Soldier in green fatigues?

Unknown Set H - Woman with RPG on cast hexagonal base

Figure H1 Woman with RPG on cast hexagonal base?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. 

Sunday 2 January 2022

Some ZSU-57-2 SPAAG For You

 A couple of years ago I ordered some ZSU-57-2s  from S&S Models (product located here), with the intention of painting them up in a way that would let me us them as a support element for a range of forces. 

Note that there are only four road wheels, as opposed to the T-54's five.

Recently, as part of an effort to finish off a number of projects that have been left half done on my work bench, I decided that they would be the next models to complete. 

I gave the crew a mix of brown and black headgear.

The resin turrets, hulls, and track sides cleaned up nicely and the white metal components were nice casts with a minimum of flash to clean.

Despite having been replaced in Soviet service by the ZSU-23-4 Shilka in the early 1970s, the ZSU-7-2 soldiered on in other armies. The Wikipedia page here has information on both previous and current operators.

Of course, in addition to the obvious Anti Air role, the ZSU-57-2 is capable of engaging ground targets. I suspect that will be their major employment on the tabletop as the twin 57mm guns look to be useful against targets such as soft vehicles, and troops occupying buildings. This fire support role was their main use during the wars in Yugoslavia (click here for the history of the ZSU-57-2 in Yugoslavia).

The business end of a pair of ZSU-57-2s.

Now that these have been completed, I will need to find another project to finish so that I can continue procrastinating about painting figures for Volley and Bayonet.