Saturday 5 January 2013

Maps and Stuff

A nine piece foam tile set bought by Kat for me!

As Archduke Piccolo noted in his comment on my last post, the photos were indeed taken on a map of Gettysburg.

It works out at being around a metre square.
I have regretted not getting one since seeing it the Gettysburg visitors center in 2008.  I was worried that it would be too bulky to take back home, given the other stuff I was carrying back.

No scale is given however.
 I plan to run a very simple game of the Battle of Gettysburg on it, using a simplified version of Volley and Bayonet.

The township itself. Unfortunately the location of the best toy soldier shops are not marked.
To continue the theme from my last post of items I purchased and had waiting for me in PA, I purchased some more Star Wars Micro Machines figures, and two Forces of Valor German trucks.

In and out of the packaging.
 The trucks are very sturdy diecast models of German Bussing-Nag 4500As, and make a nice change for my German transport park that consists of a collection of Esci and Airfix Opel Blitzs. From memory these two trucks are rated as being medium trucks under CD.

Side by side. Each truck comes with a canvas tilt and two passengers.
 I also decided to grab some cheap Imperial Naval Troopers to bulk up my Galactic Navy forces.
Imperial Naval Troopers.

More recruits for the Galactic Navy.
The final picture shows some toy soldiers my Mother in law found for me. The big grey cowboy is around 80mm high, and is a hollow cast metal figure. Some time spent researching on the internet revealed that he is a Barclay cowboy - No: 752 Cowboy with Lasso.(This link gives more information, scroll halfway down the page for a picture, and return to the main page for detailed information)

New additions to my figure collection - a Barclay Cowboy and two Bonnie Bilt GIs.
The two semi round GIs appear to be figures from a US company called Bonnie Bilt. I managed to find a blog with some information on them, but apart from that I wasn't able to find much about them. The figures are hard plastic, and are quite visually pleasing. I am sure that they will look good on one of my bookshelves.

Friday 4 January 2013

More Twilight 2000 figures.

Soon to to opened after far too long a wait!
Before I left NZ I purchased a number of items online and had them delivered to my inlaws. Amongst the items purchased were some packets of Twilight 2000 figures - some of which were still in the original packaging. (I was also generously given a couple of Twilight 2000 US figures by Modernkiwi at "The Kiwi's figures and stuff" that I am going to paint up and post when I get back home. ModernKiwi's blog has a nice mix of GW fantasy figures and 20mm figures that is well worth checking out)

Polish Paratroopers. These were purchased loose.
Noble Knight games had a few packets in stock - both loose and in the original blister packs - at some extremely reasonable prices, so I purchased their entire stock of them. I suspect the only reason they still had them is that they had listed them as being 15mm figures rather than as 20mm. This confusion probably resulted due to the fact this range of figures was designed to be used with Roco Minitanks range of modern vehicles, as well as with plastic figure ranges. So they were listed on the packaging as being HO scale, they are actually closer to 1/76 scale.

Polish Paratroopers, or Khandist scum?
 The Polish Paratroopers will probably end up being used with Khandist forces.

Soviet Support Weapons. Straight out of the packaging.
The support weapons provided appear to be an AGS-17, and a NSV HMG. A very nice combination of weapons. These will provide a HMG stand, an AGL stand. Plus I have gained an extra tripod mount.

Soviet Support Weapons. Three crew to serve weapons, and a female soldier carrying a crate.
Next up are the two packets of Soviet Heavy weapons. In each set is meant to be three crew figures, a mortar, and an AT missile.

Soviet Heavy Weapons. purchased loose in the bag.
The first pack contains everything it should, however the unopened packet proves to be missing a key part - the AT missile launcher. The Missile launcher is probably meant to be an AT-4 Spigot, while the mortar is probably a 82-PM-41, or another Soviet 82mm mortar.

Soviet Heavy Weapons - Still in the original box, and missing the AT launcher.
Unpackaged Soviet Weapons - at least I have the tripod mount!
I plan to use the spare mount from the Soviet Support weapons set, and the tripod missing the launcher, as the basis of scratch building up two AT Missile stands, so all is not lost!

Soviet Infantry - still in the blister pack!
The officer figure is destined to be used as a high level command stand in a Soviet, or Soviet equipped force.  The other figures will probably end up being used in my Balkan hordes.

Unpackaged Soviet Infantry.

The blurb from the back of the packet.
1985? That dates these a bit! Sadly neither GDW or Grenadier are still in business.
 All in all, quite a useful bunch of figures that I am looking forward to painting up!

Wednesday 2 January 2013

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone reading this has a very happy 2013! Currently I am at my parents in law's house in Spring Run, PA and will be there for the next month, before returning to New Zealand in February. I should be able to make a few modeling related posts from here over the next couple of weeks.