Monday 21 April 2014

Indian Villages

Late last year I started work on making some V&B BUAs for use as Indian settlements. The plan is to use them for both French and Indian War, and AWI, wargames. The first, and most complete, is a large resin lodge from the BUM Huron set. I have added in a skin drying frame from the Imex Friendly Eastern Indians set to add detail to the piece.(click here for PSR's review of the set)

Still needs something more...
My plan so far is to mount Indian forces on the 1.5 inch square V&B skirmish stands, letting each large village/town template take four stands.

Of course each BUA can still take two line stands.

BUA with garrison and removable insert.
 I also decided to use the huts from the Imex Eastern Indian set to make another BUA, and as a result decided to use some resin native grass huts that I had purchased years ago for another project to make up another two.

The Imex huts.
 I believe the resin huts were originally intended for use as African huts for 19th century colonial gaming, but they seem to be passable as Indian dwellings. Of course feel free to tell me if you think they are hopelessly wrong.

The resin huts.
I am still settling into the new job and into Palmerston North, but so far both seem quite nice with plenty of positives. Next week only has three working days - of which all three are training days, so I have plenty to keep myself busy!

Thursday 3 April 2014

Preparing to Move

It has been a very busy time for me since I last made a post.  I have accepted a job in a different part of the country and as a result I am preparing my toys for moving. It does seem to be the season for people to be moving in Christchurch, as Frank is also moving to a different city as well and selling off some of his stash of 1/72 scale kits.

Check out his auctions here. He may also be listing some scenery items so keep an eye on this link.