Tuesday 19 March 2013

Wartime Miniatures - Modern Australians.

Sometimes I get very tempted by metal figures......

At the beginning of last December I purchased some figures from Wartime Miniatures and was intending to post them up on the blog once they had arrived. They arrived very quickly and the customer service was outstanding. One of the figure packs I had ordered was out of stock (Civ02 Male Afghan Civilians), but they added in two figures from the pack at no cost, and refunded me the cost of the pack.

Civ03: Afghan Trader and goods.

Civ03 Female Civilians in Bhurka.

The free male Afghan civilians.
The Afghani civilians will be useful  as Haradi civilians, but I plan to try and paint up the Modern Australians as New Zealanders. While the figures do have the wrong webbing and the placement of equipment is not quite right, I think they will serve as a good basis for conversion.

MA10 Australian Infantry section.

MA12 Australian MST.

MA13 Australian MST Support Weapons.

MA11 Australian Specialists.
So having taken three months to post these figures, I still haven't put any paint on them - sadly that is not even close to being a record for the lag between purchase and painting!

Monday 18 March 2013

Building more Planes.

Since I made the decision to start using 1/144 scale aircraft for moderns games, I realised that I would have to start building some - especially since I had a mountain of 1/144 scale kits to build.  First up were this pair of Academy SU-22 Fitters.

The assembled kits and a Skybusters diecast.

The kits are undercoated.

Painted and ready for action!
 I based the paint scheme for the Su-22s on pictures I have seen online of Libyan aircraft. I think it looks ok, but I am resisting the urge to put a brown wash over them, as I don't think it is the right look for these aircraft.

 I did decide to put a black wash over the Skybuster diecast Learjet. The model is probably meant to be a Learjet 25, but it scales out better as a Learjet 35, which is a very similar, but slightly larger aircraft. I painted it in a two town grey colour scheme and used a GW Citadel Colour Black Wash (that was at least 15 years old!) on it. I used it as it was handy, and I had forgotten how thick it is compared to the modern GW washes. I wiped off much of the wash as it was making the model look much darker than I had intended.

The repainted  Matchbox Skybuster Learjet.

The  dewheeled underside, complete with black smudges.
I have also continued assembly of my 1/144 scale C-17. It has had its gaps filled with greenstuff, and has been undercoated with grey primer. All that remains now is to mask the canopy, spray it, put it on the model and do the final paint job.

The C-17 is not a small model. 
Building the C-17 was quite challenging, but it is a neat looking aircraft, and it can deliver quite a large amount of equipment onto the table.

The next group of of planes, two MiG 21s, and a MiG 29.
I also started work on some MiGs. Once these are finished I have a pair of MiG 23s, a MiG 25, and a Su 25 to assemble. Then I can start work on the pile of kits of western aircraft....

I also have to work through the backlog of photos of painted stuff, new stuff, and last Sunday's game against Frank's GDI forces - so hopefully I will make time to post stuff over the next few days!