Saturday 26 March 2022

IHMN Japanese Infantry

I have been over the past two years slowly painting and basing figures for use with "In Her Majesty's Name" (IHMN). Even slower than this process has been my updating of this blog with that progress. 

The basic Infantry Section

IHMN is very flexible in its approach to creating teams of adventuring bands for use in the game. One of the supplements for the first edition of the game "Sleeping Dragon, Rising Sun" (SDRS) provides a basic list for a group recruited from the Japanese Army. 

I tried to replicate a uniform that captures the feel of the IHMN period rather than a perfect match for the Boxer Rebellion.

I did consider using the Red Box Japanese Infantry from their Boxer Rebellion range (PSR Review here), but I was rather unimpressed with the figures. instead I opted for using the metal Japanese Infantry from Stan Johansen Miniatures' Boxer Rebellion range (click here for more details).

A hastily formed firing line.

The Japanese lists in SDRS offer a number of possibilities for adventuring groups that allow a nice mix of traditional elements, modern elements (products of the Meiji restoration), and weird 19th century mad science elements. I am already starting on some steam powered walkers to supplement this Japanese force. 

Infantry cautiously advancing

IHMN also allows for the addition of Sumo Wrestlers to some of the Japanese lists, so I thought that these painted old Grenadier 25mm Sumo Wrestlers would be a prefect addition to the force mix.

Grenadier Fantasy Lords - First Series Set 178 Sumo Wrestlers

Even more imposing when provided with effective leadership!

I also think that the size difference between the 20mm Infantry figures and the 25mm Sumo Wrestlers helps create the fell that these wrestlers are at the top end of the human size spectrum - even to the point of being the beneficiaries of  cutting edge scientific discoveries from the University of Toyko that have surpassed the efforts of Dr Jekyll's original formula.