Sunday 12 July 2015


Over the years I have found that Matchbox cars can be an excellent source of vehicles for wargaming. Sometimes all that is needed is a quick repaint, and sometimes a little more work is required to make them table ready.

More work required - the turret especially.

I got these vehicles from Frank, who was planning on adapting them for use as AFVs for his  Brotherhood of Nod army. The vehicles were from one of the new Matchbox Battle Kings packs which can provide useful vehicles, but they are generally repaints from the 1-75 car range, rather than bigger diecasts like the original Battle Kings range.

Not BRDM and a S-Model BRDM-2.
 The S-Model BRDM-2 kit comes with a number of spare parts. In fact the only difference between the 9P148 ATGM launcher version and the standard version, is the removal of one rather vital piece of sprue - the top deck for the standard version.

BRDM turret (left) and Puma turret (Right)
I had experimented with other possible turrets before deciding on the BRDM-2 turret. One of the other possible options was to use turrets from the Matchbox Puma kit. While it looks ok with the Puma turret, the BRDM-2 turret looks better.

And with the ATGM launcher.
 In converting one of the S-Models 9P148 vehicles into a standard BRDM-2, I had a spare top hull section that I figured could also work on one of the not BRDMs.

Pre and post modified vehicles.
 Of course, now that I have made these vehicles, I have to decide how I going to use them. I think they have a nice chunky tough feel to them, so I am thinking use in Dark Future style games, but potentially they could be used by a faction in Harad games - although it would be in ones set in the late 1990s (or even later).

Two notBRDMS and a Fallout style Hummer.
However, I am sure that now that I have started making them, I will be able to figure out a use for them.