Monday 4 October 2021

Tcho Tcho Goblin Hastur Cult

 As a quick break from my 100 Days Napoleonic project, I decided to finish off a project that I started last year - namely completing painting up figures for "Children of the Tattered King" a Hastur cult for In Her Majesty's Name (IHMN). My previous post dealing with these cultists is located here, and it in I hinted at my idea of using GW Night Goblins as Tcho-Tcho cultists.

Looks like Bak Bon Dzshow is back on the menu boys!!

Naturally this would mean yellow would feature heavily in the paint scheme:) The fleshtone was a nice pale clay colour, with a heavy brown wash appliedd in an effort to tone down the yellow and make everything look dirty.

Tcho Tcho bow in the foreground blocking the view to the spearblock behind.

While the Tcho-Tcho don't feature in the background material provided in IHMN, the nature of the background doesn't preclude the introduction of elements of the Cthulhu Mythos (click here for a basic primer on the Mythos). Indeed, IHMN is flexible enough to accommodate material from a variety of sources.

These banner holders will work as specialist wielders of arcane powers. 

The intent is to use these figures against both 28mm and 20mm forces. In 28mm the figures will use a Hastur cult flavoured Pygmy list with the Tcho-Tcho being the bulk of the force using Pygmy stats, while in 20mm I am making a custom list where the figures will represent the more robust purpose bred combat monsters that some backgrounds have the Tcho-Tcho breed for war. Naturally the 20mm list will largely consist of the cheaper, and more expendable, human cultists detailed in the previous IHMN post.

These fine fellows are intended for use as either leaders or champions.

The internet is full of different interpretations of how Tcho-Tcho can be dealt with in games, and how they can be used in a manner that doesn't rely on the usual tropes.  A nice discussion on this can be found here, and here. It should be noted that the only certainties regarding the Tcho-Tcho is that they seem to originate from Leng, are non-human (but may have interbred with humans at some stage), and when ever and where ever they manage to establish settlements on Earth, they are feared and despised by their neighbours.

Cannon Fodder Garden variety armed cultists.

Of course this raises the possibility of Tcho-Tcho communities across the world, each with their own distinct culture that has resulted from interacting with human neighbours, while still maintaining a core set of cultural characteristics that are uniquely Tcho-Tcho.  

Five more cultists, for a total of nine spear.

The more I look into this, the reater the possibility of me grabbing a copy of Delta Green, GDW's Dark Conspiracy RPG, and seeing if I can get something suitable worked out for a nice game of Stryker.

Saturday 2 October 2021

Airfix French Heavy Cavalry (12ème Régiment de Cuirassiers)

 I have recently completed painting another V&B stand for the 100 Days Campaign. I have not added the unit label to the stand yet, but it is the 2nd Brigade of the 13th Cavalry Division which was part of the French IV Cavalry Corps.

Finally finished after a decade!! 

The brigade is represented using figures from the Airfix French Heavy Cavalry (Cuirassiers) set (PSR review here) painted as the 12th Cuirassiers(click here for the uniform plate from the "Les Uniformes pedant la campagne des Cent Jours Belgiue 1815" website).

Spot the additional figure

The Airfix set only contains 9 mounted figures so an additional figure was added to the stand from the stockpile of figures I have been hoarding have acquired for this project. 

Ten mounted figures on a brigade stand is currently my record for cavalry stands

While the paint job on these figures was recently completed, the paint job was begun in 2011 (click here for a view of them from 2011), while the figures were purchased in in mid to late 1990s when Airfix re-released the set. 

Note the lack of a ID label

So now I only have four more Cuirassier stands left to paint.