Wednesday 5 June 2013

Of Catapults and God Kings

 Today's post is going to be largely pictures as I am feeling particularly lazy.

A box full of cool toys!

In my last post I mentioned that I had won the Horrible histories competition held over at Small Scale World.  The product review and competition has heaps more information and links about this range, and I would strongly encourage you to check it out.

This afternoon I received a package which contained a great deal of stuff. Awesome stuff. Stuff that lets you hurl rubber pigs about the place.

The Egyptian Starter Set.

The Roman Starter Set.

The back of the Egyptian box.
The back of the Roman box.

The four blind boosters - each one contains a historical hero to add to your  army.

Inside the box was two starter sets - one Roman, and one Egyptian, - and four blind booster packets.

Unwrapping a fiery Iceni Queen.

I got two Boudica figures from the boosters.

An unnamed Highwayman in the third.

And Blackbeard the pirate in the fourth.

The group shot.

Each of the starter sets contains a leader, a catapult, 3 rubber pigs, two soldier figures, two peasant figures,  three action cards and a copy of the rules. Also included was a spare rubber band for the catapult.

Inside the Roman set.

The cards - used in the advanced game.

The Roman cards.

Caesar and his starter force.

The pig hurler catapult. Loads of fun!

The back card of the Egyptian set.

Inside the Egyptian starter set.

The Egyptian cards..

The Egyptian catapult.

Pharaoh and his starter set.

Both sides get this nice  head spike rack and scoring system.

All the figures together!
Once again - Thank you to Hugh from Small Scale World for the competition - I have been having loads of fun firing rubber pigs around the place!

I do intend to play at least one game of the advanced rules, but the sheer joy of shooting stuff with rubber pigs cannot be underrated!


  1. Save some for me! What is the range of a pig?

    1. Hits the kitchen door from your chair in the lounge with ease!

  2. Swine-hundred feet of course!

    Glad you've had so much fun with it, I do believe it will be the next big thing...or at least the next big non-electronic thing!!


    1. I hope it will be - that way I will be able to get expansions off the shelf in NZ!

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  4. Good old Hugh!!! and well done on the win:-D
    The pig catapult Looks a squeal......sorry, dreadfull pun :-X

  5. Katherine BushmanJune 6, 2013 at 3:28 AM says, "Save some for me! What is the range of a pig?"

    African or European?

  6. Hmmmm... technically these pigs are Chinese according to the packaging. Very nice Monty Python reference though!

  7. M'mmm... Catapults... (drool) just the thing I need to hurl ballistic missiles in my Jono's World games...

    My daughter enjoyed the Horrible Histories books: we have/had a wee collection of them in the house.

    1. I keep on wondering if I can use them for Ancients games H.G. wells style....

    2. Sieges. I suggest building block castles and city walls. Not Duplo or Lego - too strong. But something that can be battered in with a bit of time (we don't really want Jericho-type walls, neither). Of course, your battering train would have to be protected as well...

    3. Knocking down walls does have a certain appeal!