Monday 24 June 2013

Nod Walker?

Light grey goes quite blue if you use a nice blue wash.

Something that I have finished a couple of weeks ago, but hadn't posted. I actually started this model several years ago, but never really could figure out how I wanted the finished model to look!

Dark Dream studio calls it an "Armadill" - a walking machine used by the  Federalists.

I purchased a set of Dark Dream Studio "Space Battles" because I liked the infantry figures (click here for the PSR review), and felt that I could use them as a number of Sci-Fi troop types. Unfortunately I still haven't quite figured out what I want to use as - nor how I what them to look! Still, no harm in keeping them in the plastic mountain for another few years.

Note the Plasma gun mounted on the side - but I still think it needs more guns.

The biggest problem with the model was that the hatch wouldn't sit tight in the down position. I decided to model in a raised position and not bother with trying to find any 'glass' for the cockpit either. Instead I am going to run with that it is a field modification that occurred as a result of having to deal with chronic overheating used caused by the manufacturer using non mil-spec parts (to save costs) that resulted in several walker pilots suffering from extreme heatstroke during operations.

It's an idea I've liked since encountering something very similar in David Wong's article "The Ultimate War Simulation Game" (click here for link and go to the second half of point nine)

The model itself also seemed to have a far too complicated leg arrangement - so I removed some of the parts used to create a leg arrangement that was somewhat simpler. I also felt it lacked firepower so I added a GW 40K Plasma pistol to the right hand side.

Overall I am reasonably happy with how itv turned out, and will probably do up the rest of the figures in the same blue grey shade so that I can use them as high tech NBC Nod troopers or generic Sci-Fi troops. I may even do up some Airfix Astronauts in the same colour scheme, although I have seen some 1950's pulp style 1/72 scale Spacemen that would be perfect for doing up. Alas, I haven't seen any for sale - but at least I know they exist!


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    1. Thanks Nick - now I just have to paint up the infantry!

  2. ok well you got me to read the whole of David Wong's article there. I want a simulation like that also. Anyway great stuff! certainly looks the part. perhaps the door does close but certainly having it like that means it could be in battle and overheating or out of the conflict and the person is getting in or out.

    Also no need for glass as in the future bullet (or rather laser and plasma) proof materials are 100% transparent and they do not cause any refraction of light!

    as for a scenario hmm... Noddist forces is the current time have unlocked the secret of powerful energy producing crystals and have created dangerous weapons. Harad must destroy the factories and eliminate all the weapons before the Noddists can make any more...

    ... really this is just a stop gap measure as I assume that you have very few sci-fi figs on you. naturally with more it can be set in the future.

    oh finally a good use for GW stuff. its a neat idea. I forget which blog it is but someone recently did some 1/72 scale sci-fi stuff. they got a massive mech, it was scarily big.

    (hmm how to make this post longer???)

    I can guess that this is a scout/light weapons system, with the original being a reconnaissance walker. heavier ones could be used as fighters. the main thing about future tech is how to find rolls for things. I guess for the people who first made the armoured car they never would have foreseen the modern AFV's that would have taken on tanks. mainly because tanks were invented afterwards so perhaps these walkers are lightly armed to fight against something else.

    perhaps converting some old German half-tracks and giving them laser guns would do for some futuristic armoured vehicle that can destroy helicopters or whatever they use. again adding some GW parts might do the trick but its an interesting concept... I guess whatever vehicles you have in that mountain of plastic would be suitable with alterations, I just think the half tracks look cool.

    anyway it will be interesting to see your ideas.

  3. Hi Gowan - glad you enjoyed the Wong article!

    You certainly have come up with lots of ideas on how this little walker can be used in Nod games. the destroy the factory scenario reminds me of the Mission Dreadnought expansion for Space Crusade. If you ever get the chance to play it, I think you would enjoy it.

    I still have a number of Chaos Dreadnoughts from that game - I have been playing on using them as heavy combat walkers in 1/72 scale.

    German halftracks are very cool, and I have seen 1/32 scale (or 1/48?) converted in a similar mannerfor use as Orc vehicles in 40K.

    You are right in guessing that I do have some other suitable stuff lurking in my stockplices, the key thing is finding the right motivation (or inspiration) to make up more Sci-Fi stuff. I have toyed with the idea of doing up forces from Dune, but I still also have heaps of stuff to do for Star Wars Decision forces.

    Still, having lots of toys to play with is hardly a terrible fate...

  4. that's my problem you know. to many ideas... I am great at making plans but not being able to implement them. for instance the colony idea. I love the idea of an eastern European style colony it turns everything of its head.

    would be cool to see those toys... make me feel better about my relatively small pile.

    ooh Chaos Dreadnoughts look awesome! certainly some heavy combat walkers there. resisting urge to get some myself some of those. it would be perfect for those advanced forces I thought of doing later on. still all that will come after the Russian or rather Soviet component of the war is complete.

    ooh future tech is cool, that's why I Oronegro has access to strange energy sources and incredibly strong metals (yes I did get inspiration from Marvel for some of those) its all part of my "second periodic table" it allows me to be a little lose with the reality at times. :-D