Wednesday 6 June 2012

French Generals - More recycled French (Pt. 2)

I took the photos for this post about two weeks ago, but have been quite busy with other matters (work, computer malfunctions, etc) that have precluding making any posts until now. Christchurch is experiencing a snow, and currently half the city is off home from work.

The figures are part of the haul that I obtained from the Archduke back in May, so I was very pleased to acquire some nice command figures for my French forces.

The three generals debased.

The first is a metal 25mm figure that the Archduke suspects is a Minifigs figure.

The figure certainly has plenty of character.

The Archduke believes this is also a Minifigs figure.

Again, the figure has plenty of character.

The final figure is an Italeri Prussian officer, from the Prussian Infantry set, mounted  on a horse that is from the Italeri Austrian and Russian Allied General Staff set.

The figure sits rather awkwardly in the saddle. Hopefully, carving away some plastic will remedy this.

The simple green vat.

Rather than just give a wash over the existing paint jobs, I decided to remove them and start afresh. The figures are very nice, and I wanted to see if I could to see if i could paint up some reasonable looking command figures.

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