Friday 24 August 2012

Molly Pitcher WIP

Since I am converting some figures for use as artillery crew for AWI V&B, I thought that I could make a conversion to represent Molly Pitcher. I sorted through my figure collection for a suitable base figure, when I remembered that the Airfix Wagon Train set had a suitable figure. (PSR link here).  Since the figures I was converting were also Airfix figures (The Airfix Waterloo French Artillery set - PSR link here), I hoped that the mix would work well.

AWI gun crew WIP.
The conversion of the French artillerymen was a simple head swap, using a metal pin and superglue. The real work on making the conversion work will be the paint job. So far I have enough crew, including Molly, to make two artillery stands, one of which will be French. Should the conversion go well, I may make more.

A closer shot of Molly and her friends.
Converting Molly involved a little more work. One hand was replaced with that of a French artilleryman holding a bucket, and a sponge made out of plastic rod and metal wire, and then positioned near the other. I quite like the idea of having a Molly on my artillery stands as it is something different to the norm, and adds character to my AWI forces.

More artillery crew to be deshakoed.
I am quite enjoying making up these AWI forces, and think I may have to use them in a game soon.


  1. Very nice little conversion there, Brian. Of course, she's doing twice the work of the other crew members, carrying a bucket and a rammer... H'mmm. Something a bit different, all the same.

    No promises, mind, but it is just possible I have some spare Airfix French Napoleonic artillerymen going spare, if you are looking for any. I'll have to check my inventory, and it's likely (if I have any) I'll do some up as Napoleonic Prussian gunners, but there may be more than I need for that purpose...

    1. I gave her twice the gear for two main reasons, firstly because I felt having the extra equipment would help with the finished look of the figure, secondly, I wanted to capture the two main phases of her story. By having both the bucket and the Sponge/ram on the figure I think I have done so. The idea of her doing twice the work is an interesting one....

      As to the Airfix gunners, at the moment I am fairly well set with what I have. (This may be one of those rare moments where i turn stuff down, rather than stockpiling it for future use) I do look forward to seeing your Prussian conversions though.