Friday 19 July 2013

5 BIM finished...almost....

5 BIM sans attached artillery.

So after getting new batteries in my camera, and finally making the time to make a proper post, here is my take on 5 BIM for use at Mt Tumbledown. the only thing left to do is paint up a couple of jeeps for them to use - a project that I am planning on tackling after finishing off the army and air force troops for use at Goose Green, and scratchbuilding the AAA needed. I am going to paint up the rest of the British forces I need after I have finished the Argentine forces.

 The following ToE is based on several sources and is from a discussion on Paul's blog Plastic Warriors (click here for the discussion in the comments section) Naturally any errors are mine alone.

5 BIM command stand. figure is converted from an Italian officer in the Esci NATO set.

5th Marine Battalion, Experienced ML 7
Battalion Headquarters company,with::
  1 Command Stand
  1 Jeep

3 Rifle Companies, each with:
  1 Command Stand
  1 Weapons Stand
  2 Infantry Stands

The first Rifle Company - figures are a mix of Revell, Esci, Matchbox, HK knockoff and Airfix.

The second Rifle Company - again a mix of figures, but the bulk are converted Airfix British Paraa.

The third Rifle Company. as in the other companies the weapons stand is denoted by having a M20 Bazooka on it. 

1 Support Company, with:
  1 Command Stand
  1 HMG stand
  1 107mm Mortar
  1 107mm RCL
  2 Gun Crew stands (ds)
  1 Patrol stand
  1 Recon Jeep

The support company. Figures are a mix of Esci, matchbox, Revell, Imex, Fujimi and Airfix. The mortar is from an Esci kit, while the RCL is by Mars.

Battalion de Artilleria de Campana de Marina 1
Batteria B
, with:
  1 Command Stand
  1 FO Stand
  1 105mm Howitzer
  1 gun crew stand (ds)

Guncrew  is from the Esci White Scout car, the command stand is a figure from a Hasegawa set, and the FO is from the Imex Korean war set. 
The gun is a Corgi diecast that I have discussed previously (click here for more details)


  1. Outstanding Brian!

    These all look top notch and I am most impressed how the Airfix Para conversions turned out.

    Your basing looks great as well. You are well ahead of me mate.

    Keep up the good fight!

    1. Thanks Paul,

      It has been a great deal easier to motivate myself to work on these guys knowing that someone else is working on a similar project, plus it helps seeing ideas that I can steal!

  2. Excellent conversions and imaginative choice of figures, very cool

    1. Thanks Al!

      It's always good when you can use a good mix of figures.

  3. Conversions look great Brian. Excellent painting and basing too!

    1. Thanks Rodger,
      Mostof the credit should go to the brown wash - I find it makes most thinks better!

  4. Great stuff! looking good, it will be cool to see the finished result with jeeps and all. but until then this is still rather impressive.

    1. Thanks Gowan - the vehicles are requiring a little bit more thought as want to try and use something that looks like the VW Iltis Jeep. This means that I will probably be using Rocco 1/87th scale - but I still need to check how they will look next to the figures.

  5. Very nice figures and model, Brian - great contrast between sildier and base, too. The latter intrigued me enough to check out what the Falklands landscape looked like. It varies, of course, but you seem to have caught the bleak, rocky tussock land very well.

    1. Thanks Ion, I still think I have some way to go, but i like to think I've captured the vibe of it!