Thursday 31 October 2013

Parcels, Pikes, and Planes

Life has been somewhat eventful of late, but I have managed to get a few gaming related things done. recently I was generously sent a parcel of goodies by Paul (from Plastic Warriors) that contained some more Esci gabions, some more pieces from the Esci Battlefield Accessory set, and a Matchbox Saracen armoured car.

The parcel from Paul. Cheers Paul!
 I have been continuing to try and improve my BUAs by varying the size of the gables and walls, but also by trying to create a brick effect. The next step will be trying to get windows and doors cut. With the aid of someone else's very clever work I may have a solution to show in the next post.

Bigger walls and gables.

Brickwork walls and gables!
 I also attended Conquest last weekend. While there Rodger (from Rebel Barracks) kindly gave me some more gabions, some more bits of the Esci accessory set, and two sets of the Imex AWI artillery in 1/72.

More stuff for AWI V&B kindly provided by Rodger.
I also took part in a demonstration game of "Pike and Shotte" that I thoroughly enjoyed, and managed to make a few small purchases. A number of 1/144 scale jets that I plan to use for Harad games.

Four  J-35s awaiting construction.

A rather nice Sabre kit.
A pretty smart looking Saudi Lightning.
 Afterwards I went and saw Glenn and acquired a vast haul of vehicles and figures. The vehicles were in various states of disarray, but will prove a source of fun through refurbishment and use on the tabletop. Some of what I acquired I have passed on to Archduke Piccolo (click here for link), but I have greedily kept a great deal for myself! I was also meant to see Glenn on Wednesday, but events conspired against me - with luck I might be able to catch up this weekend with him?

Lots of nice bits!

Some very useful vehicles.

Figures for the WW1 project.

Some Tigers for the Archduke.

Glenn also gave me a B-17 kit to pass on to Mr K. - who is quite delighted with the addition to his air fleet!

Classic Airfix box art!

Complete with bonus 57mm gun!


  1. Smashing haul there Brian!

    The buildings are coming along nicely as well.

    1. Thanks Paul, it was quite the weekend for gaming stuff!

  2. Thanks for the extra stuff, Brian. My Tiger collection is becoming suddenly quite respectable! Thanks for the boxes as well. I'm trying to (re)organise my desk, and the boxes are a help. However, you might want back the large die and the octagonal random alphabetic character selector that I found in one of them...

    Still haven't found those gabions. I know I carefully put them somewhere, but can't locate them yet. They'll turn up sooner or later, I'm sure.

    1. No worries about the gabions - and I am glad that you have a use for the stuff I gave you.

  3. I'm very jealous of your box of vehicles.

  4. That is impressive for one weekend Brian! Enjoy the new toys!

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Gowan! It should keep me busy over summer!