Monday 18 May 2015

Deagostini T-72s

Recently I started to  repaint  and ink wash some of the Deagostini T-72s I got as part of the Combat Tanks Collection partwork. I wanted get some of my diecasts looking a little sharper by just giving them a wash of GW Agrax Earthshade, but  Andy  suggested that I could paint over the awful white snow camouflage with sand to create a nicer paint scheme.

The magazine is NZ$20 and comes with a rather nice tank.
 Like many of Andy's suggestions, this idea proved to be a winner! As a result the three winter camoed T-72s were changed to a more useful scheme that better matched the fourth T-72, and the BTR-80s.

Paint job in progress. The tank on the right is another Combat Tank Collection model, a T-72  in an Iraqi paint scheme.
 After the paint job, I then gave the diecasts a liberal dousing of brown wash, which I think worked out quite nicely. I have started giving the diecasts a wash in warm soapy water, followed by a rinse in warm water, and then leaving to dry, before applying  the wash. Previous to this, I had found that the wash adhered unevenly. After following this method results have improved greatly.

Four nicely washed T-72s.
Of course, now I have four T-72s finished, I want to do some more! But I should probably finish off some of the other WARPAC equipment I have first!


  1. Your methods are working very well Brian!

    1. Thanks Ion,
      I have found that the GW wash looks very good over sand coloured paint - although the real improvement was Andy's idea to paint the white areas sand.

  2. Looking good Brian. A wash always does wonders. I just used a Tamyia OD number two spray afterwards. In my mind the Cold War was always fought against Russian Green steel!

    1. Thanks Paul,
      Green is the classic Red colour:)

  3. Outstanding work on these T-72s! :D