Monday 21 March 2016

Heavy Metal in Kalasia

Earlier this year I had a small moderns game, using CD3, as an experiment to see if I could run a game of CD on a very small playing surface, and still have it be enjoyable.

Kalasia 2003:
Hard line elements of the old regime, supported by the remnants of the Presidential Guard, have retreated into the jungles of  the interior. They are closely pursed by the Western Alliance backed Kalasian Peoples' Army (KPA), who hope to end the civil war by destroying the old regimes remaining military power, and to bring surviving elements of  the regimes' politburo to justice.

The role of  Task Force Copper is to neutralise an enemy SAM site, secure the township of Beinaz, and continue the advance towards the interior. Enemy forces are believed to consist of no more than a badly mauled company of motorized infantry, supported by local militia. The SAM site is not believed to be currently operational.

Currently air superiority in this sector is  fiercely contested, so there is a strong possibility of  the appearance of enemy aircraft

The civilian occupants of Beinaz township have already abandoned the town, no doubt encouraged to do so by regime forces.

The game set a small KPA task force (Task Force Copper), with an attached troop of Western Alliance combat engineers, against elements of the Kalasian Presidential Guard, supported by loyalist elements of the Kalasian military.

The town, the SAM site, and the turn zero smoke screen....

Troop Quality: KPA elements Experienced, Western Alliance elements Veteran
Morale: 10

 Headquarters Company with:
        1x Command stand
        1x FO/FAC stand
        1x BTR-80
Motorised Rifle Company with:
        1x Command Rifle Stand
        2x Rifle Stands
        3x BTR-80s
Tank Troop with:
        1x T-72
SPAAG Troop with:
        1x 2K22 Tunguska
Engineer Troop with:
        1x Engineer Stand
        1x M113

KPA and Western Alliance forces start the advance towards the township.
The KPA forces had a simple plan, use smoke to screen their advance, while moving towards the main objective, securing the township and then continuing the advance down the road. It was a beautiful plan.

Loyalist forces prepare for the attack.
Using smoke at the beginning of a game was something I hadn't seen for some time. Hopefully it would pay dividends for the KPA forces. The loyalist forces decided to take a wait and see attitude to events.

KPA forces advance towards the SAM site.
However, the smoke screen had to end eventually.  This would leave the Presidential Guard and loyalist forces with clear fields of fire from their positions.

KPA forces cautiously advance through the township, and through the light jungle scrub.

The SAM site is captured!
The township and the SAM site fell after light resistance from loyalist forces.

Close up of the KPA infantry and Western Alliance Engineers.
The SAM was made from a modified Atlantic kit.

The defending troops fell back further into the township.
At this tsge the loyalist forces were taking a wait and see attitude, as I was wanting to see where the KPA was going to fully commit itself, as I had only limited forces at my disposal.


Troop Quality: Experienced
Morale: 10

 Headquarters Company with:
        1x Command stand
Motorised Rifle Company with:
        1x Command Rifle Stand
        2x Rifle Stands
SAM Battery with:
        1x Broadsword SAM
        1x SAM crew stand
Tank Troop with:
        1x T-72

Air Support consisting of 1x MiG 21

These fairly limited forces meant that my plan was going to be wait and see what the KPA were doing, and shape my main (really only!) effort to counterv it. My plan would be to engage the KPA armour with integral AT missiles and the tank troop a, and then mop up with an armoured thrust into the township - supported by the MiG 21. 

Loyalist forces patiently wait for their opportunity to engage with AT missiles and small arms fire.
The KPA also viewed destruction of enemy armour as being a priority. Fortunately for the loyalists, they fired first.

KPA T-72 got Greedoed!

The destruction of the KPA T-72 troop resulted in the KPA trying to avoid that flank like the plague. The Motor Rifle company started to swarm into the township in order to take up defensive positions.

KPA BTR-80s on the move.
The KPA SPAAG troop quickly dealt to the loyalist MiG 21 when it made an appearance.

Scarily efficient against aircraft.

Boom goes the MiG!

While the skies were being swept clean, the loyalists launched an armoured attack into the township, which made short word of any BTR-80s encountered.

The predictable result of a T-72 getting a flank shot on a BTR-80.
KPA troops attempted to attack the T-72 from the township, but it didn't go well.

Brave, but unsuccessful.

The loyalists would draw back their tank troop and use it to destroy the KPA SPAAG troop, and to destroy other targets of opportunity. As the morale of the KPA broke surviving elements fled the scene, leaving the field to the loyalists.

Not as useful against armour.
The dice were very fortunate for the loyalists in this game, and the game could of gone either way. It was an enjoyable fight that made use of a very small playing space that allowed the movement rates of equipment in CD3 to present challenges to both sides in terms of "Oh crap, they can be there this turn!"

Playing on a smaller surface again, I would like to do something more urban that would allow for a more Stalingrad feeling game.


  1. Cool game and kit. rof x2 rifle platoons?

    1. Thaks Al!
      The ROF for the rifle platoons was indeed 2. I tend to use that as the default ROF in my moderns games.

  2. Excellent post Brian. Al and I had a ball using a small area for our Seoul 1987 game. Rather larger forces turned it into a meat grinder.

    1. Probably the best cold war game/campaign I've ever played!

    2. Thanks Paul!
      The moderns games you and Al played, and were then posted on your blogs all looked like a great deal of fun.

  3. How large - or small - was your playing surface, Brian? Quite a nice little account for an action that probably took less than an hour to play?

    Meanwhile (in re our phone conversation the other day), I'm still trying to clear the decks a bit so I can have some battles of my own. It is not proving easy!

    1. Hi Ion,
      It was least than 4' by 4'. We took our time playing, so time wasn't a factor (lots and lots of table talk, and meal breaks). However, if one was to crank it, it could easily be done in an hour or so.

      Good luck with the deck clearing! I've only just regained my kitchen table from hordes of Napoleonic French!

  4. Nice looking game.

    CD3 (or any version of it really) has been on my to play list for ages now.



    1. Thanks Pete,

      I think we all have a list of games to play one day. Crossfire is on the list, as a number of other games.