Tuesday 15 August 2023

Event Cards for Mike Kirby's Guide to The SYW in India

Mike Kirby's The Campaigns in India during the Seven Years War 1756-1764 is both a useful wargaming resource for gaming the Seven Years War (SYW) in India, and is a resource book for V&B players wanting to game the period.

The  Boardgame Geek overview provides a very detailed summary of the publication that is no doubt already well known to a number of V&B players.

In the book Mr Kirby suggests the use of Chance Cards to capture the flavour of the period and provides details for some. I have taken these suggestions and used a Card Generator program to generate the cards.

The artwork used is either photos of my own figures, or artwork that I believe to be in the public domain. Working is largely that used by Mr Kirby.

Most of the cards are fairly straight  forward in their meaning but the card Failure of Iqbal is not that straight forward. My own clumsy research as to what the failure of Iqbal was has yielded little in the way of results.

Kirby also suggests that blank cards could be added to the pack in order to aid with the use of event cards.

I plan to print these cards out and use them for a play test. If They work well I will consider expanding the set and revisiting the art work.


  1. Nice to see you back posting Brian!
    Cannot help with the "Iqbal" translations of the term suggest the card is about a failure of faith.......

    1. Hi Neil,
      I was home sick so I decided to entertain myself by making cards:)
      That translation ties in with another I had that suggested it was a name meaning "Luck, Good Fortune" so perhaps it is that straightforward?

    2. Failure of Iqbal: might be a failure of fortune - run out of luck; or it might mean failure of strength (of leadership, possibly).

    3. Hi Ion, I would agree with that as well:)

  2. Brian, I suspect so - best not to overthink such things! ☺
    Cards are looking good.

  3. Nice looking cards, Brian. I'm quite taken with the artwork depicting units of your own collection. Are these to form part of your DEK game system?

    1. Hi Ion,
      Thank you for your kind words:)
      I will admit I am tempted to redo some of the cards with purpose made photos of my own figures as I quite like how the cards with pictures of figures turned out.

      With regard for using these cards for DEK, I plan to use some cards with DEK and a couple of these might feature in the the DEK deck:)