Thursday 3 November 2011


One of the projects that I have been working on for some time is building up Punic and Roman forces suitable for wargaming the Punic Wars, and also suitable for use as teaching aids. Hat has produced a range of figures which are perfect for this project, the only snag being that I have to base and paint them! The rules I am intending to use will be a homebrew set based on Frank Chadwick's Command Decision and his unpublished set of ancient rules. But for now some much better pictures...

Two of the six War Elephants from the Hat set.
While still a work in progress, I am quite happy with how they are turning out. According to what I have read on the matter it appears that there is some debate about the usage of towers on the backs of Punic Elephants. The available evidence doesn't seem to rule out towers, but doesn't rule them in either! Happily for me, this means I can keep the towers because I think they look cool!
A frontal view of the beasties!

I still have to base these fellows up before they can join a Punic Army. The shields on the towers are either going to be painted as polished bronze or have a suitable Punic insignia painted on. Choices for this insignia range from a crescent moon, a palm tree, or a horse standing in front of a palm tree. The symbol of the Brotherhood of Nod is also tempting.
The Elephant Storage System (ESS)
After the sheer number of earthquakes and aftershocks, decent storage has been a major issue. So I decided to make a custom ESS for all six elephants. The idea is to paint the outside of the box so that I can also use it as a terrain piece - A Punic elephant stables.

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