Friday 8 February 2013

Back in NZ

I am now back in sunny Christchurch after spending January in Pennsylvania. Despite the best attempts of winter to stop my sight seeing, I was lucky enough to see a few places of historic and gaming interest in between my shopping trips.

 So I am placing a few snaps here as they may be of interest to others. Some of these sites are best viewed in seasons other than Winter....

First up, Fort Necessity, a bad day for Washington.

Ft Necessity: A hasty fortification build by Washington to hold off French colonial forces.
A swivel gun, as part of the reconstructed fort.
Glove for scale.
 Next up, and just now the road is the site of General Braddock's grave. The Braddock campaign was another ill fated move against the French.

The story of Braddock's burial.
A section of Braddock's road - a pathway on the original lay of the road.

The marker at the original grave site.
The present monument.
The Braddock campaign is one that has fascinated me for a number of years, so I was very pleased to be able to visit his grave.

I also managed a trip to Valley Forge - winter being a suitable time to visit, but unfortunately not the right time of year to visit the Brandywine battlefield museum.

 And of course, another site with a link to George Washington!

I can relate to this - I am currently making an AWI force.
Bayonets - a useful weapon in the AWI. Not having one was a major disadvantage.
A reconstruction of one of the Valley Forge cabins.
And of course, I went to Gettysburg again, and took lots of photos, and bought lots of plastic soldiers .....

How could this plan possibly fail?
So I had fun, and will have to visit again during warmer weather. Next post I have some AARs and some WIPs of things actually being made!


  1. Good to have you back Brian. No need for gloves here...For a few more months at least!

    1. Hi Paul, I am very glad to be enjoying the warm South Pacific weather again!

  2. Nice to see you are back and ready for the changing seasons soon. But hope you like this hot weather while it lasts! cool to hear your making some AWI forces. seems like all of us in NZ are getting into the 18th century spirit :-D

    great to have you back, can't wait to see what you produce.

    1. Hi Gowan,
      I am enjoying the warm weather! Hopefully I will be able to produce some more AWI units soon and take a chunk out of the plastic mound! After all, the sooner I paint them, the sooner I can use them!