Tuesday 26 February 2013

Mark III Bantha.

It's been a while since I made a Bantha, so I thought I would have another crack at it. This time, rather than using a toy hippo or rhino as the basis of my model, I used a toy elephant.

The toy elephant pictured next to the rhino used in the construction of the MK II Bantha.

I also decided to add a rider to this one, as I had acquired a loose Micro Machines Action Fleet Tusken Raider figure. As the figure came without the Bantha he was originally paired with, it seemed only proper that I put him on one.

And then add on the Green Stuff!
I also decided on using the elephant as I had been worried that I was making my Banthas too small. I also remembered that Mr Lucas made his Bantha by putting an elephant in a Bantha suit. So I figured that I would give it a go!

Front 3/4 view.
 Of course I had to chop off the trunk and tusks of mine, glue on the rider, and then smother on the Green Stuff!
Rear 3/4 view.
 I went for a more cartoony look with this Bantha, as I wanted something to bridge the gap between my two previous efforts.
A view without my workbench clutter.

Marks I thru III gathered together.
 However I am going to redo the 'Princess Leia' style horns of the MK I, as I am not happy with them. Still, the MK I did prove proof of concept.

Sepia! Classy!
 Painting the Bantha was straight forward, undercoat, then block in colours, and finally wash with brown.

Painted and washed, but not in focus!

Another view of same.
Right, now back to painting up some more stuff!


  1. nice work. very cool and must say the whole group looks very nice.

    1. Thanks Gowan. I still have to make up another Bantha or two yet, so I might have a whole herd by the time I've finished.

  2. Looking good Brian. These spawn of the desert look just the thing. Now you just need a jagdbantha...

    I have found a rule set that might interest you: Fast Play Grande Armee - a link from Murdock's Marauders blogspot.
    Here's the link: http://www.deepfriedhappymice.com/html/gw_ga_fastplay.html

    1. The idea of the Tusken Raiders putting some form of armour, or mounting armament, on a Bantha similar to how such things have been done to elephants has crossed my mind from time to time. Could such a beast count as a Jagdbantha?