Friday 21 February 2014

Matchbox Skyhawk WIP.

Seen here with some other aircraft. all are around 1/120ish scale, so close enough for me.
I am finally starting to do some more work on my Matchbox A-4 Skyhawk. It is a rather play worn diecast from the Matchbox Sky Buster range, that had seen a great deal of of use and abuse in my childhood. Curiously enough , the diecast is meant to be a A-4F, but lacks the distinctive fuselage hump of that variant. This works out well as Argentina used A-4Bs and A-4Cs.

The presumably "Sargent Fletcher" droptanks . 
I used my Dremel to cut the wheels off the diecast. Once this is done to a Sky Buster it starts to look less toy like. I had previously replaced the missing clear canopy with some green Stuff. The next step is to use a wire brush attachment on the Dremel to remove the old paint work prior to giving it a new paint job. (Click here for information on paint schemes)

The wire brush removes the paint quite nicely.
So once this is done, and I buy some more grey spraypaint, I will begin painting it and working on building up some more 1/144 scale kits.


  1. Looking forward to this scooter Brian!

    1. I have undercoated it with black spray paint, and have put it in a box to finish after the move north.

  2. Hi Brian -
    When I was around your place the other day, I really ought to have asked about this Dremel thing. It might be something I ought to get for my own projects...

    You recall that gauze type tape that you asked if I had a use for. I couldn't think of one at the time, but it has occurred to me that it might make useful ratlines to enable your more agile sailorman to climb up into the masthead of those ships/sloops you commissioned me to finish. But then it stuck in my mind you wanted the masts removable. So that kind of rigging is out of the question...

    Thought I'd mention it, though, as something to consider.

    1. Hi Ion, the merchantmen look amazing! I hope to pop around this Friday to drop some stuff off.