Sunday 22 March 2015

S-Mars Abrams - WIP

Recently I was given a number of S-Mars kits by a friend. I have slowly been assembling them, but they are all quite awful kits with a great deal of flash and instructions that are quite lacking in any meaningful detail.

Not as advertised.

All of these factors are trumped by the fact that the description on the box doesn't actually contain the kit you get. M-60 with reactive armour? - nope, just a plain ol' M-60. Abrams with Mine Plow? - Nope, just an Abrams.

Post scraping phase.

I've taken a few shots of the assembled kit before painting to show the amount of green stuff needed to fill the gaps in the kit.

And more Green Stuff.
 The amount of trouble I have had with making this and the other S-Mars kits means that I will be avoiding them like the plague .

And yet more.....
While I accept that some kits require more work than others, it galls me that the box doesn't contain the advertised kit. Still I hope to be able to turn them into useful items on the wargaming table.


  1. I have heard of this before with the M-60 kit, but I must say being actually able to pick up a M-60 kit at all is a real bonus.

    They last time I looked a Revell M-60 was $46 NZD!

    I have three of the M1 kits and they are just updated copies of the Hasegawa kit.

    I am sure they will work out fine mate.

    1. Thanks Paul,
      Hopefully S-Model will do a M-60 twin pack in the future:)
      Of the four S-Mars kits I have made now, the biggest problem (apart from mismatching parts) is the tracks. In order for them to fit the internal guides need to be shaved off the tracks, or they cause the running gear to sit above the track.

      I hope you have better luck than me with your kits!