Sunday 22 March 2015

S&S Models NZLAV

In November of 2013 I purchased a number of resin models from S&S Models (click here to see their shop). I had thought that I had blogged about it at the time, but apparently I hadn't.

NZLAV with some figures from Wartime Miniatures I'm working on.

By and large the S&S model kit is pretty good. The main issue being that the gun barrel isn't fluted and the muzzle adapter is wrong on the white metal supplied component. I corrected the muzzle brake with green stuff, but decided not to twist the barrel.

Still not happy with the paint job on the uniforms.

The Wartime Miniatures I wrote about here, So far I have been rather slow in painting these guys up!

Overall the S&S is a very good model of the NZLAV.
 If I do any other NZLAVs I may start to put the appropriate squadron markings on them for QAMR.

Putting crew in would be a challenge as the bulk of the turret is solid resin!
So next up I should do some guns!


  1. Nice work on the LAV. The colour looks spot on.

    Good skills Brian.

    1. Thanks Paul!
      I'm still not 100% happy with the paint scheme and I have a few ideas I'd like to try out when I get some more:)

  2. Agreed! Lovely paintwork thus far

    1. Thanks Al!
      Sometimes the basic schemes turn out quite well!

  3. Wow great fix on that my friend. I think the paint job looks good myself. But it's you that must be happy with your craft. Oh I looked in to the modern Plastics and your very right nice lines of modern soldiers and found some plastic Modern Zombies and some great Twlight 2000 bandit guys aswell. Thanks for the advice. I will start getting plastics for some of my stuff. It seems like a lot of new plastics I never heard of even Fantacy stuff! Look forward to seeing more of you items. Take care now. Greyson in USA.

    1. Thanks Greyson for your kind words! The painting on the uniforms should have smaller flecks of colour similar to US multicam. I had achieved that effect, only to lose it when I washed the figure. That being said, I have seen example of that uniform that do look darker, especially when wet.
      Plastics are awesome! And the range seems to be getting bigger every year! Take Care, Brian in NZ.