Monday 23 January 2012

Centurions and Pack Howitzers

I have two Airfix Attack Force Centurions that I painted in an experimential generic paint scheme. I painted them both an olive drabish green, and then sponged on some dark yellow, and some red. When I painted these two tanks it was well before I started work on the whole Harad campaign background. I just wanted to have fun painting up a couple of tanks, and see what a particular paint scheme might look like.
Splotchy Centurions.
Another view of the same.
 At this stage I am planning to leave them in this paint scheme, as I need to finish the paint jobs on other tanks before I start to repaint vehicles.

 Something that is going to be repainted are these Corgi Junior Field Guns. I picked these up as part of a bulk lot of toy field guns - the rest were Matchbox Field guns - in 2007. Originally the Corgi guns were released as either part of a twin pack, with tow jeep and plastic soldiers, or just as the gun with some crew. More information is available here. The gun itself is quite a nice rendition of the Otto Melara Mod 56, but in a scale larger than 1/76.
Corgi 105mm Pack Howitzers.
 My personal view is that it is close enough to bodge it, as they are a little too big, but hopefully not overwhelmingly so. I am probably going to proceed with painting and basing them up as when I look at various photos it seems that it is the wheels on the Corgi Field Gun that are slightly too large. 
Spilt trails in towing configuration.

TOW stand added for scale.
Of course at the end of the day, the point is to have items on the table that look good, and aren't too obviously wrong.

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