Sunday 15 January 2012

Star Wars Figures: Gungans and Ewoks

Of all the races in Star Wars, these tend to be the least popular. I personally have always found the Ewoks to be quite vile - primarily due to their quaint cultural tradition of eating other sentient races. Gungans, I am more tolerant of, as they did exile Jar Jar Binks from their society.

The Gungan Mob - Not quite a Grand Army.
The Gungans were released in an 8 figure set, a change from the traditional 9 figure set. Other figures were available from various playsets which were produced - including one of the head of Jar Jar Binks. Alas, the Episode One releases marked the end of the Micro Machine line. The other figure sets released were the Trade Federation Battle Droids, and the Naboo Security set. To the best of my knowledge, the Naboo Security weren't released in NZ.
Boss Nass. What a great figure for a command stand.
Jar Jar Binks.

 The Gungans have a few appealing factors as a wargaming force, firstly is their usage of animals that adds quite a bit of character to the force. I would like to get hold of more Kaadu and Fambaa for them. The second is that they are in CD terms, primarily a force that will rely on getting into close assault to achieve success. This will make them very challenging to play. The final factor is that of their energy shields, finding a fair usable mechanic for this will be fun. My current thoughts are that I should adapt the approach taken in GW's 'Space Marine'. Essentially viewing the shields as being ablative in  nature, but with the ability to slowly recharge.
An underscale Fambaa Shield Generator. Fambaas stand around 9 metres tall at the shoulder.
Kaadu Cavalry in need of basing. The figure is swimming, and is from the Jar Jar Binks head playset.
 And from Naboo, we go to Endor, home of the nastiest teddy bears in the galaxy. Vile furry little buggers, that were released in the usual format of a nine figure set, with other figures available in various playsets.
Always choose the vegetarian option at an Ewok function.

Figures are from the 9 figure set, the Endor playset, and the Chewbacca head.

Stone weapons a good CA factor make...
A closer view. The glider needs mounting on a flying stand.
 An Ewok CD army would be interesting to play. Hidden movement in forest terrain, and a few other scenario special rules, make make an Endor game almost as good as Hoth.

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  1. Looking at those Ewokery things, one feels there is a fine 'Hordes of the Things' (HoTT) army in there somewhere. C3PO would of course be the deity; and you's have flyers and lurkers as well as your more 'get stuck in' guys...

    Jar Jar Binks seems to have become just about the most disliked movie character in the history of cinema. He seems even to p*ss off the characters around him. May that's why in subsequent movies we see him as a plenipotentiary of some sort. Was the script writer making a satirical comment on world affairs do you think...?

    One of these days I wouldn't mind trying out a 'Clone War' type game... I quite like those robot soldier thingies, myself...