Friday 20 January 2012

Yet more Haradi WIP - The M-48s get sprayed.

Today I experimented with using the camera on my phone to take pictures. Normally I use my camera, and then take the SD chip out, slap it in the computer and upload the pictures from there. Once I had a USB cable for connecting the camera to the computer but I lost it...
Resprayed Tanks from previous post.

The first of the Airfix Attack Force M-48s to be undercoated.

And some more M-48s. The Council recycling bin is a great spray stand.

Plastic card plating to add depth to the hull.

Another shot of the same.
The effort of plugging the USB cable in and copying the files across to the computer is about equal to the way I am currently getting images off my camera. However, since I tend to take my phone more places, I am now able to take more pictures for the blog. Excellent...


  1. The pictures are actually quite good. I think the outdoor lighting really helps.

  2. Yeah, they turned out quite well. I think that you might be on to something regarding the outdoor lighting.

  3. Very very nice - I like the fact that you're using the old Airfix Poly tanks.

    Does that primer you're using on those soft plastic vehicles hold the paint well or does it tend to flake somewhat after a bit of handling ?

  4. Hi John, the primer I use is one designed to be a sandable primer, so it does adhere and handle better than some others. I haven't had any flaking issues with it so far so I'm hoping this will continue. The Airfix poly tanks and the Hong Kong knock off plastic vehicles in suitable sizes are great for 20mm Wargaming!